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7 Things I Learned in 2023

7 Things I Learned in 2023

January 3, 2024

Since 2011 I’ve used my blog as my online home for intention setting and holding myself accountable. Every year I choose a word or words which I use as guidance to make decisions – and to stay in alignment with my vision.

I don’t rush into the “new year, new year.” 

Instead, I sit. I wait. I listen. I pray. I open my heart. I feel. I dance. I laugh.

Intentions are how I choose to live and set each year with words instead of resolutions. These words guide my choices and actions for the upcoming year. I’m in Service to Truth and magick…and with this dedication I can create a life that is fully aligned with my innermost desires. I can create fulfillment and wonderment…

Here are my words for the past decade:

2011: Creativity, Connection, Mindfulness.

2012: Mindfulness, Spontaneity, Simplicity.

2013: Build. Track. Focus.

2014: Free. Alive. Expand (along with the 10 things I learned in 2014).

2015: Grace.

2016: 8 Things I learned in 2016

2017: Rebirth (along with 6 Things I Learned in 2017).  

2018: Curiosity and Efficiency (along with the 11 Things I Learned in 2018 and the 50 Books I Read in 2018)

2019: Joy (along with 7 Things I Learned in 2019 and the 11 Books I read in 2019)

2020: Purity and Light (along with the 7 Things I Learned in 2020 and the 30 Books I Read)

I skipped 2021 and 2022 recaps because I was consumed by NFT projects and client work…I didn’t feel like sharing my life those years. The world felt unsafe. So I stopped sharing my heart online. A vital part of me shut down.

But I’m back to share for 2023. My word for 2023 was: Decadence.  

Here are 7 things I learned in 2023:

1. Stay real. Not relevant. 

There are so many things I could have done in 2023 to stay “relevant.” But in this trying to keep up, I feel that I lose a part of my soul. 

Not to get too dark, but this is done by design. It’s part of the transhumanist agenda to get us out of our bodies and into our minds. The evolution of technology and AI can disrupt natural law if we’re not mindful. 

Be mindful of your media diet. Everything you consume becomes you.  Stop giving permission for your life to be directed by external sources (whether that’s in the form of the news, algorithms, psychics, or OPO (Other People’s Opinions).  

Allow guidance to only come from your highest self.

And guidance from my higher self is about Truth over consistency. I share more about my process in Episode 75 of my podcast, Truth over consistency

The Truth is…the written word is my love. And sure, I can “keep up” by posting videos. But that format doesn’t always feel in alignment for me. Maybe this will change in the new year. Maybe it won’t. 

But it doesn’t matter. Because I’ve learned that it’s ok to go back to the basics. To share honest words. Poetry. Art. And when I share what’s on my heart, I feel alive. I feel connected. I feel in deep service to humanity. 

I’m excited to get back to the bones of the season I’m entering – to focus on what I love: Writing. It’s this. My words to myself. My words to you. As much as AI is an incredible tool, AI can’t embody words.  Let’s appreciate the unique qualities of our human language (while humanity still exists!) and embrace the nuance it plays in our lives.

2. Decadence can be Deep. 

The pursuit of material wealth may carry the risk of hollow fulfillment for some. But for me, it was a catalyst for self-discovery. By exploring decadence, I integrated both the external and internal dimensions of my Being. I created a space where authenticity and material expressions can harmoniously coexist. It has challenged me to examine the boundaries of my own beliefs. And to embrace the complexity (and comedy!) of life. 

Decadence led me to an incredible trip to Italy. It allowed me to upgrade my wardrobe. And it empowered me to focus on upgrading aspects of my home that I previously overlooked. Materialistic pursuits can often lead me away from my inner world. But decadence brought me deeper to the essence of who I am. 

In 2023, I embodied the decadence frequency in every area of my life — love, family, business, health, wealth, inspiration. Recalibrating my Being with these codes showed me how the external “stuff” is a conduit to channel my authentic self. I embraced the balance between the material and the metaphysical – and I’m now navigating this world with a newfound reverence. 

3. Creativity and synchronicity are Infinite. 

As I explore the depths of this concept, I experiment. I contemplate. And I apply what I learn so that I can harness the full potential of my inner energy. And then I witness tangible changes in the outer world. Exploring the quantum world has allowed me to redefine my identity and connect with the core essence of who I truly Am, embracing both the light and dark aspects of my Being.

It is very esoteric. And deeply personal.

By transmuting negative emotions into positive ones, we burn through our karmic patterns. We release old conditioning. And we create a more harmonious world. ⁣ This creates a ripple effect. (I discuss these concepts more deeply with Paul Levy on Episode 65 of my podcast).

4. You’re already existing in the once-in-a-lifetime. 

If you’re spending your time thinking about what’s next or having FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), you’re missing the magic of the moment. This moment. This time won’t come again. God will never duplicate this moment in this lifetime. And I believe he wants to show up and show off for you. 

High standards create an incredible life…along with discipline and dedication. This next level requires grace and flexibility as you grow…

It’s going to be imperfect …but trust Life. Trust the Divine rightness of your choices. 

At the end of this year I started to take Improv classes…the beauty of Improv is that it allowed me to see how we are already living in the midst of the once-in-a-lifetime. Improv’s unscripted nature mirrors the essence of life itself where every moment is unique and irreplaceable. Life itself is an ongoing improvisation. And it’s all about…PLAY!!

Improv added a playful dimension to everyday experiences.

As a Keynote Speaker, rehearsing and practicing a script is the norm. But improv showed me the limitations of rehearsing. And how we can shape our reality by embracing spontaneity and laughter.

Improv taught me to surrender to the unfolding of each scene, to embrace awkwardness, and to appreciate the healing power of play…and new friends. I’m excited to keep learning the art of improv in 2024…and to appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime that surrounds me in every breath.

5. We don’t need more awakening. 

This was the title of the Essay I wrote for Daniel Pinchbeck’s literary journal, Liminal, published last year. Liminal represents transitional moments, neither fully one thing nor another. As I navigated through uncertain spaces and identities, I embraced the liminality of my existence. 

In my essay, I share the allure of constantly seeking new experiences, ideas, and beliefs as a positive feedback loop. I contemplate the possibility of finding fulfillment without relying on external sources. How can we embrace disillusionment to create a new, integrated way of Being? 

When you realize that the universe is an illusion projected from Mind, you let go of any attachment to identity and thoughts. And the very fabric of reality can unravel. While there is transformative power hidden within a non-dual state, talking about “normal” topics feels a bit…challenging. And there’s comedy in these experiences (especially if you’re around conscious communities in California). It looks a bit like this! 

But within the chaos (and comedy!) lies an opportunity for transcendence. By embracing the liminal, we invite new experiences. These intersections allow us to become our highest and most authentic selves. And it’s these liminal moments that shape who we are becoming.

6. The closer you are to living as Love, the more the Universe speaks. 

And when you live in this vibration of Love, you realize that God doesn’t do anything halfway. He loves to show off. When you broadcast your Light from the purity of Love, the Universe winks. You experience synchronicities. You embody your Universal essence. And you become a Divine expression of your presence.

2023 has shown me that my relationship with God and with myself – it affects *everything.* It impacts how I interface with humanity and the collective. Everything is energy and vibration.

And I often don’t need to “do” anything  or “say” anything…it’s my access to Love and Higher Consciousness. It’s the degree of love I have for myself. And how the settling of my nervous system responds to another person’s nervous system…As Above So Below. All of our actions are imbued with a frequency. There’s always a higher order from lower consciousness to higher consciousness. And this is how we change the world. There is a reverberating affect of this “work.”


7. The world is shifting from masculine leadership to feminine embodiment.

We have never been where we’re going. We need to think, relate, behave, and pray in completely different ways.

2023 was a big year in re-patterning my programming around the Divine masculine and feminine. I share more of how I embrace feminine values in a patriarchal world in Episode 78 of my podcast.

This topic is highly nuanced and goes even deeper than mere “feminine values.”

It’s about listening to a different rhythm of intelligence – the primordial intelligence of the womb. It’s a graciousness that lives in the feminine. And it serves the collective field when she chooses God over pain body. Eros over ego.

My story is still unfolding. But the roads are all leading Home…back to my DNA. Today I have a deeper understanding and GNOWing in my body about my lineage, soul and blood.


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