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5 Tips to Stay Ahead When Marketing Your Business

5 Tips to Stay Ahead When Marketing Your Business

May 9, 2013

The current state of media and marketing is constantly changing. And a forward-thinking approach is necessary. Here are 5 tips to stay ahead:

1. Create More Opportunity

You have the ability to make useful things faster and better than any corporation.

Relying on publicity to get attention is like bungee jumping off a bridge. The adrenaline is groovy, and Cloud 9 is fun. But…then what?

Publicity can bring opportunity. But it shouldn’t be your only path. Why?

Fame is fleeting. You want to bubble up from the bottom, not float down from the top.


Build permanent value with your community. It’ll be more valuable than any temporary spotlight.

2. Process vs. Results

It’s about the results. But…

It’s also about the process to getting there. You need resilience. Because perfect today doesn’t mean perfect forever.

You have to be willing to fail for a long time. And understand the importance of patience in the process. It’ll take you far.

If something isn’t working, change. But don’t expect overnight success. Create benchmarks. Ask questions. And learn how to tell better stories throughout the process.

Success is elusive. To last today you’ve got to be better than ever before. If you break through immediately, follow up just as good.

3. Macro vs. Micro

If you don’t have a macro-level view for how the house will look, all you’ll do is make noise. And who wants that?

But if you have a solid framework, you’ll build a strong foundation that you own or control on your own platform.

Remember that tools are only “shiny objects” until they help you get to where you need to be.

Where do you need to be? 61% of small businesses don’t see any return on investment. This is largely because many businesses operate in a silo. Or they operate exclusively on social media – which is the most dangerous threat to your online marketing efforts.

Social media should integrate with other marketing techniques already proven to work.

If you’re able to see the macro-level, you’ll see results. But only if you act.

4. Don’t farm out social media or your website to your intern. 

Social media may seem like a crazy new thing that looks more like something your intern or niece would do, but it’s not. Holistic marketing is what matters.

Hire a professional. But try to avoid the gurus or fauxperts.

Build an experience. And don’t sacrifice value – even if it means you’ve found a cheaper cost.

5. Resonate vs. Regulate

Let’s be clear: you’re only allowed to regulate if you’re Warren G. You can’t be any geek off the street.

Here’s why: When you regulate, you control or direct according to rule or law. But when you resonate, you evoke memories and emotions.

This may require breaking out of the “old HR”and developing a culture. When employees know they fit into the growth and success of the company, it leads to high engagement and shared purpose.


Warby Parker transformed a product that could easily be boring (prescription eyewear) and created a culture based on the unexpected. They communicate on multi-channels with fun, entertaining content that fascinates. For example, here’s a customer with a question on Twitter (completely unrelated to eye glasses). And here’s how they responded on YouTube.

The employer and employee relationship is one of mutual cooperation. Create a partnership where your business gets the consent and cooperation of its employees. Put your employees on the front lines and tell them to have fun.

Resonate with your people. Leave the regulating to Warren G.

How do you stay ahead when marketing your business? Please comment below.