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Something tells me that you’re a leader at your company or the CEO of your own business. Either way, you stumbled on my page because you’re someone who isn’t ok with the status quo. You crave the real thing in life and business, and I believe that you deserve it.  I’m here to guide you with visionary insights that expand your idea of what’s possible for your life and business. 

My name is Jessica, and I’m the Founder + Creative Director of Jessica Ann Media {JAM} where I develop compelling strategy and content for top-tier brands. Before launching {JAM} I worked as a journalist for national news outlets in Washington, DC, and earned my Master’s Degree in Communications from Johns Hopkins University.

My writing has been featured on The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and The Content Marketing Institute. My weekly podcast, The Art of Humanity, has been featured on The Good Men Project and Apple’s “New and Notable” and “What’s Hot” lists.

I Keynoted at Google in New York City in August 2016 and was an official speaker at SXSW Interactive in March of 2016.


My current research focuses on how creativity and consciousness help humanity evolve. My philosophy is simple:

Listen. Explore. Evolve.™ 

Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric

It's clear that Jessica isn't just chasing a paycheck in her work - she is out to change the world. She is the catalyst to innovative communications. Her interest is not in creating customers for her clients, but fanatics. In addition to being a pleasure to work with, she is relentlessly curious and a lifelong learner. A business can find no better advocate than Jessica.

street cred.

I’ve had a diverse career where I’ve had the opportunity to meet a ton of cool people like Cal Ripken, Jr., Jimmy Carter, and the king of sarcasm, George Carlin (my most favorite comedian ever!)

Eliran Sapir, CEO, Apptopia

Not only does Jessica demonstrate creativity and passion, but is also very down to earth and genuine. Always striving to make a difference in unique and empowering ways.

simplicity + curiosity.

I love spending time in nature (especially the beach!) and hanging with my miniature dachshund, Karma (@karmathedoxie on the insta). I’m energized by the simple things like yoga, intelligent conversation, and strong coffee. I also crave variety and love being exposed to new industries and people…probably someone like you!

I’m an INFP// ENFP, a big picture thinker, and perpetual student of life. I love traveling the world and I delight in the awakenings and Truth found in my character. Truth is my medicine – because truth cannot be created or manufactured – only explored and appreciated.

My deep love for health and fitness – from running the Marine Corps marathon to 200-hour yoga teacher certification allows me to bring an integrated focus into the conversation, with an emphasis on well-being, honing intuition, and integrating the mind, body, and spirit. I fuse psychology, literature, and human behavior to spark insights for your life and business.

I believe in the power and opportunity of the new economy  – the one that fuses creativity, consciousness, and connection. These are the pieces that make humanity evolve.

Bryan Kramer, CEO, Pure Matter

It’s not very often that I want to share everything that someone writes. Jessica is consistently smart and a creative person I’ve admired socially for quite some time.

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I’m most active on Twitter and Google +. And love hanging out on Instagram and Pinterest. oh, and here’s my Facebook page and LinkedIn profile if that’s more your thing.

Shoot me an email at hello@jessicaannmedia.com and say hello! 🙂

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Professional bio:

15+ years experience in media, bringing a proven knowledge of creative strategy, communication, and management with an emphasis on high-quality content across all platforms ranging from start-ups to global brands. Extensive experience managing large teams of diverse personalities in deadline driven environments, leading cross-functional team collaboration, and developing industry outreach opportunities.

Jessica Ann is the Founder and Creative Director of Jessica Ann Media {JAM}, a content marketing agency that develops compelling content for top-tier brands. With a Master’s Degree in Communications from Johns Hopkins University, Jessica inspires advocates for Fortune 500 companies through shared emotions and experiences, driving hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in a way that’s authentic and fun.

Jessica is an experienced news producer for national media outlets such as NBC Newschannel and XM Radio in Washington, D.C. Jessica’s writing and podcast have been featured in The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, and Apple’s “New and Notable” and “What’s Hot” lists. She is slated to speak at SXSW Interactive in March of 2016.

Jessica lives for adventure. She enjoys being a student and teacher of yoga, travel, and frolicking with her dog on the beach.

Jessica’s philosophy is simple: Listen. Explore. Evolve.