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Why HEO is the New SEO

Why HEO is the New SEO

September 5, 2021

As Clay Shirky, the master of media, argues, “more media means more conversations.” This new ability to curate your own zeitgeist is nothing short of a super-power.

We’re cooperating without coordinating (or fully understanding) the consequences. But who wants to think about things like…consequences?

You do. Here’s why:

An internet presence means nothing without the chutzpah to back it up in real life. [tweet this]

Despite its science-fiction-sounding name, HEO is the opposite of SEO (which only slightly ungeekifies it). Because HEO is about real human relationships.

We’re documenting and distributing our digital lives every day. But why bother at all if it doesn’t bring connection in some way?

HEO looks to why we form relationships on social networks. It’s based on the notion that we like (we really like!) the people we talk to online. HEO just takes it to the next level – and backs it up through real life interaction. Because after all, our digital lives become more meaningful when we reinforce the humanity of it all.


Technology is powerful because of the connection that it creates. We suit up and show up. And come together through words: Thoughts. Ideas. Stories. We know that networking via technology means making real friends – and going to bat for them.

But as much as blogging is about the audience, it’s also about ourselves. It’s not our job to make others happy. It’s our job to be true to ourselves. And if what we create connects others, humanity gets a bit more optimized.

Isn’t that the best kind of consequence?