Why HEO is the New SEO

April 05 2017

As Clay Shirky, the master of media, argues in this TED video, more media means more conversations. This new ability to curate your own zeitgeist is nothing short of a super-power.

We’re cooperating without coordinating (or fully understanding) the consequences. But who wants to think about things like…consequences?

You do. Here’s why:

An internet presence means nothing without the chutzpah to back it up in real life. [tweet this]

Despite its science-fiction-sounding name, HEO is the opposite of SEO (which only slightly ungeekifies it). Because HEO is about real human relationships.

We’re documenting and distributing our digital lives every day. But why bother at all if it doesn’t bring connection in some way?

HEO looks to why we form relationships on social networks. It’s based on the notion that we like (we really like!) the people we talk to online. HEO just takes it to the next level – and backs it up through real life interaction. Because after all, our digital lives become more meaningful when we reinforce the humanity of it all.


Technology is powerful because of the connection that it creates. We suit up and show up. And come together through words: Thoughts. Ideas. Stories. We know that networking via technology means making real friends – and going to bat for them.

But as much as blogging is about the audience, it’s also about ourselves. It’s not our job to make others happy. It’s our job to be true to ourselves. And if what we create connects others, humanity gets a bit more optimized.

Isn’t that the best kind of consequence?

13 responses to “Why HEO is the New SEO”

  1. Steve Hughes says:

    Well done Jessica and Dino. A lot of solid and interesting content in the video, and professionally done.

  2. Alessia says:

    Thank God someone else is doing something about it, I always have the impression people are turning social media in sales tools and it’s kinda sad (and ineffective).

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  6. son0fhobs says:

    Really like the term HEO, and the emphasis of relationships and social value over automation.  
    Just thought you might want to know, I was going to watch the video on youtube so I could search the interactive transcript, but the button was cut off because the video was wider than the container.  There’s a number of superb wp plugins to make videos auto responsive, ex. “wp responsive video” to universally fix the vids on your site.  
    It might be advantageous to make your site responsive on the whole as well.  There’s plenty plugins to help make that happen with your current theme.  Shoot me a reply and I can forward you a few that might work well on your site.

    • itsjessicann says:

      son0fhobs thanks for the reminder to do this. been on my list for far too long! just activated the plugin you suggested. try it now? let me know what else you suggest. thank you so much for commenting!

      • son0fhobs says:

        itsjessicann son0fhobs  Beautiful!  Nicely done, the video looks great. 
        Another thought.  I noticed that the image below it also got slightly cut off – which was a shame as it’s such a good photo!  To double check I looked at some images on other pages and realized that it was the way the pinterest plugin worked on top of with the wordpress styling, hence adding the second border/padding/background.  And the added padding is what caused it to overflow the container and get cut off.  
        I tested the below on a couple pages, and it seemed to work like a charm.  If you add this to your CSS it should fix the issue:
        .pinit img.alignright, .pinit img.alignleft, .pinit img{ background: transparent !important; border: none !important; padding: 0 !important; margin:0 !important; }
        It essentially removes the wordpress border/padding only when the pinterest overlay gets applied.

        • itsjessicann says:

          son0fhobs thank you! looks like that CSS removes the padding for photos but also adds extra white space for some other photos. can you email me so we can take this offline? jessica at jessica ann media dot com. appreciate your help!

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