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Content with Context is Enlightenment

Content with Context is Enlightenment

December 1, 2018

Content with context is enlightenment because you’re not repeating the same tactics and tips as every other marketer in the world. Instead of selling, you’re telling your stories of hope and triumph. Devotion and despair. Here’s the thing: Knowledge remains mere knowledge and it sits in the mind — unless you can apply it directly to your life, and turn your consciousness into modern day Oz.

Content without context means that:

  1. You’re sharing what’s true for the status quo. In other words, you’re a cog in the system — a mere placeholder. When your voice aligns with the song that’s meant to be sung by only you, you express yourself through your Human Content.
  2. You’re creating content for the sake of content, which gets “churned out” (cringe) by the ego. Anyone can “improve their productivity” by typing faster. If we still lived in an Industrial Age, we’d endlessly ask ourselves: “How can I type 120 words per minute instead of 100 words per minute?” Instead, we live in the Idea Age. The Connection Economy.

Content with context is taking the slow lane on cruise control set to a beautiful soundtrack.

The approach is a softer, more gentle way to move through the world.

And it’s not for everyone (especially those that like to “hustle”).

“As for the best way of proving to others what one feels to be true, one must live it – there is no other way.” The Mother, On Thoughts and Aphorisms: Aphorism — 56

Content with context means that:

  1. True wisdom is accessed through your perspective and nuance. Your wisdom no longer exists in your head. It permeates through your Being in a way that allows you to receive higher knowledge — which then radiates through your writing.
  2. You’re experiential living. Instead of taking notes on life, you can immediately apply what you learn without “thinking it through.”
  3. You elevate the consciousness on this planet through the context of your words. Your perspective. The nuances of your life begin to beam through you like a ray of light that warms up the world.

The important question is not how much content can you create. Instead it’s can you:

  • Write words that matter?
  • Instill awe in your audience?

Those who aspire for transformation need to avoid writing clickbait, which creates a block within our reality (and our society). Clickbait lowers consciousness and only serves the status quo.

Visionary leaders elevate consciousness with their content.

They explore the deeper truths of society, guiding us towards poignant insights that integrate spirituality into the new paradigm of content marketing.

How are you creating content with context?