Content Power with Jessica Ann

3 month content strategy and article writing package for corporate marketing teams.

Done for you marketing:

Publish unique thought leadership that gets:

  • traction.
  • creates buzz.
  • builds your audience
Outsource your content to a team of experts who can tell your story better than you can.

Most brands are doing SEO all wrong.
The process looks like:


Your content team creates a mediocre article


They pass it off to the SEO team, who stuff the piece with a bunch of keywords that make it nearly unreadable and press publish.


The content team cries, and the piece doesn’t perform well against search anyway because that’s not how SEO works anymore

With Content Power you get unique ideas and recognition in your industry,

No more eye-rolling when you present “creative” ideas at a Brainstorming meeting. Let us handle the entire process from ideation to publishing for you.

Your boss may have the outdated belief that “the loudest one in the room wins.” And the rest of your team perpetuates this problem by placating the boss.

But being loud is no longer effective unless you have a modern marketing strategy in place. Outdated marketing looks like:

  • Cliché copy that’s written to appease the boss (often done in a state of fear).
  • Money thrown at paid ads (without content to educate your customers).
  • The sales funnels of yesterday

Seth Godin clarifies this point in Episode 40 of Jessica's podcast, the Art of Humanity. He says that:

Seth Godin

The content of what we do — the essence of the change that we make — that’s marketing. The spin and the hype and promotion is not marketing.

Your company needs to be human because you're competing with humans.

Human content is personalized, relevant, and engaging. And if you haven’t already noticed, it’s this type of human content that gets shared most often on social media.
In today’s world, every website wants you to click on worthless information – so they can sell advertising. But advertising isn’t human. And it rarely adds value or offers a unique perspective.
Creative content is unique, compelling, and it allows you to showcase your ideas. And in today’s information age, ideas are everything.
Content with context acts as a warm lead generator. It provides an experience that expands your audience’s mind, and your brands reach. It opens doors not just for your business, but also for your customers. When you synthesize multiple sources of insights, you provide value to your customers. This creates opportunities.

Meet, Content Power

A 3 month content strategy and article writing retainer for marketing teams at corporations that “don’t have time for that.”

  • Marketing favors people and businesses who know who they are.
  • Expressing yourself is one of the most powerful assets for your business; it drives conversations and creates connections.
  • Marketing communicates the essence of the change that you make: it’s art. Essence. Play.

And Content Power is how it’s done.

Content Power will:

  • Position your company as a leader in your niche (Any brand can create a sales-y, overly promotional advertisement). It takes Art that’s intentional to stand out).
  • Establish your number-one channel for distributing content
  • Help you identify your company’s “zone of your genius” – the intersection between your expertise and your future customers’ needs
  •  Grow your business by expanding into multiple delivery channels
  • Position your social media and SEO to convert one-time visitors into long-term subscribers
  • Reverse-engineer your content so that your content becomes an asset worth millions


Chris Pilbeam, Content Specialist, Vocus

Jessica’s writing and marketing know-how have played a considerable role in growing the Vocus Blog. She consistently provides great content, getting to the heart of complex marketing themes and breaking them down for a broad and diverse readership. I’m always confident she’s going to deliver and it’s a pleasure to work with her.

Jennifer Merry, Sr. Marketing Manager, FatCow

Jessica’s writing skills and timely blog posts have exceeded my expectations. Her content is current, unique and thoughtful. We’ve seen a definite increase in traffic to our sites from Jessica’s contribution. I enjoy working with and highly recommend Jessica.

You’ll receive:

  • One hour content strategy call to kick-off project
  • 1 Article per week (more content also possible)
  • Minimum 800 – 1000 word count
  • Clickable headlines.
  • Images and GIFS included in each article
  • Inbound and outbound links to organically build SEO benefits.
  • Storytelling ideas to pitch to the media
  • Email support and monthly reporting

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