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How to Create Minimalist Content

How to Create Minimalist Content

May 2, 2016

In a world where everyone is screaming at everyone to turn on notifications, and “like” each other to death, where is the love for less? We’re screaming “more” without truly knowing what’s at our core. As a society, we need to break identifications with power and status. But it’s hard to do when we’re living for likes. So why would you want to create something like “minimalist content” when the status quo is “more”? Minimalist content is one of the best ways to cut corners so that you focus on what feels good on you. It also allows you to remove life’s excess so that you can own your strengths in a way that works. Here are some tips to create minimalist content:

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  1. Be concise.

Good writing is concise.

Notice the above sentence. I could have said it with:

7 words: “This means that most words are unnecessary.”

6 words: “The majority of words are unnecessary.”

5 words: “Most words are not needed.”

But the same idea was described with less.

More words do not mean more understanding. When you remove the unnecessary, you can discover the crux of the content: This is power.

This concept goes hand-in-hand with the amount of blogging you’re doing. Many marketers are approaching the problem of “more” by…doing more. A recent study shows that 76% of B2B companies say they are going to create more content over the next year.

Content overwhelm is a thing.

But when you focus your time and energy around creating minimalist content that you love, you reframe your narrative so that you can do less. And doing less means that you’ll slowly…

2. Become ageless

The ethereal essence that pours out of you when you communicate the core of who you are is maddening, terrifying, beautiful, real.

And it’s ageless.

The paradox is that it can take years to become ageless, especially if you’re distracting and detaching yourself from your shadows. We live in a society that wants us to be “happy and positive” and to spread “love and light” but that’s not where humanity is – at least not yet. To create content with grace, we need to accept the parts of ourselves that make us uncomfortable. It’s how we grow both personally and professionally.

If you get mentally stuck in a certain age from your past, remember that the best ideas don’t age. So neither should you (or your content).

If this sounds weird, think of it this way: Our business brains are wired to show you that the world is outside of us. It’s this feeling of separation that makes things feel scary or just out of reach. But when we learn to become ageless with our work in the world, we can dance to the depth within our own dichotomy {click to tweet!}


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3. Find your Truth

Some people may tell you that you need to have a “persona” so that you can “blast” the marketing lies that you believe about yourself. This is dangerous territory. Once you start believing your own lies, you won’t know what’s true.

You’re a person – not a “persona.” You’re a living, breathing human who is endlessly evolving. You’re not living to “maximize ROI.” You’re living for Truth. Meaning. Art. Passion. Adventure.

But the idea of having a “persona” is central to how society operates. So we get obsessed with figuring out our facades for so long that we forget to examine whether or not we really need to. What if the idea of having one identity has all been a myth, and we’re simply here to find different variations of our Truth? How liberating does this feel?

Science and Buddhism both agree that there is no “you” there, anyway.

Sure, it’s still important to think about your customer’s inner motivations and how your product or service helps them. But it can come across as empty if you’re not connecting with your experiences and emotions.

4. Think with your heart

Successful people spend 10 hours a week just thinking.

It’s just that saying what you’re thinking is not really marketing (especially if you’re thinking with your head). But here’s the thing: when you think with your heart, you authentically “market” how you move through the world.

The best ideas come from nurturing what’s inside your wild heart – and then using your mind as the medium to transmute your ideas.

5. Get honest with yourself 

Opportunity awaits when we’re honest with ourselves about what we want – and more importantly why we want it. This allows you to create content with an ease that brings in business (aka content marketing).

One of the best ways to get honest with yourself is to create content with clarity. But how do you get clarity? You write. When you write, you not only reveal your own inner desires, but you unleash your creativity to the world.

But you don’t just want more creativity (although creativity is always good for business). You want more: impact, influence, and sales (in a way that doesn’t feel slimy).

Honesty is the hotbed of creativity. When we open into the concept (and practice!) of being honest, we can create from a place of connection and authenticity. Maybe then we can create things from our heart that we didn’t know existed before.