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Zach Leary On Technology and Identity

Zach Leary On Technology and Identity

August 7, 2017

Welcome back to Season 3: Episode 22 of The Art of Humanity, where we explore creativity + consciousness to allow you and your business to evolve. In Episode 22, Jessica Ann talks with Zach Leary. In all of Zach’s work he blends his roles as a spiritual aspirant and a futurist into a unique identity all his own.

With a background as an attorney and an educator, along with experience working with social media companies, he is able to take a Multidisciplinary approach to our evolving use of technology.

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In this interview, Zach and Jessica discuss:

1. Who is Zach today?

“Who are you today” is something that Ram Daas said to him back in the day. You can take this with you. The whole idea of “be here now” have permeated our culture and part of the fabric of “being in the moment.” But what does this do for our identity? I like to leave enough room in my identity to not be any one thing. I keep spirituality in the center and present throughout everything I do, and also leave room for my interest in technology.

2. How Zach grounds himself with two extreme identities: The spiritual multidimensional being and a socioeconomic theorist?

It comes back to what you’re passionate about. Dharma is not about following your path but it’s also about stripping away all of the things in your environment that make your experience less than ideal. I follow what I’m passionate about and it happens to be those things.

Because of this, I’ve formed a point of view in the fusion of spirituality and technology. When I got into expanded consciousness, starting with psychedelics and then into yoga and spirituality I saw the world’s blending together.

3. All spirituality is a movement towards truth and there’s always a way to move towards enlightenment. What does Zach commit to on a regular basis?

4. There’s a beauty to technology. Zach writes on his blog:

“The wonderful thing about the technological realities of today combined with the non-dogmatic approaches to the many spiritual paths available is that they can be blended to fit your personality in a way that also gives you the freedom to leave behind what isn’t serving you. It’s not a take it or leave it proposition. The only real requirement is sincerity. After that you’re free to exist as you wish. The previous gate holders of the church or the media don’t have to be a part of your trip anymore. It’s up to you.”

There’s also a cautionary tale about this because there’s no precedent. There hasn’t been a time in man’s history (unless you bring in alternate realities) to where man has started receiving so much data and input on a daily basis because of screens and informational flowing in.

5. How does Zach process reality through the filter bubble?

6. When you enter into the realm of spirituality, the herd mentality is as strong there as anywhere. So, you enter bubbles and layers within the community you’re in. Do we sacrifice awareness when we enter the herd mentality? Or do we sacrifice a part of our identity?

52% of white woman voted for Donald Trump. Millions of women ignored the data and went with the herd. They saw it as part of a greater message and they could forget the details. It never used to be like this. Now, we know all of these awful truths about the President – and he still won. Marketing is still as powerful as ever.

7. How do you incorporate goodness when there’s so much darkness in the world today? 

8. Do you have a choice when you start heading down this path? How do you find yourself walking the path so fearlessly in a society that wants you to be afraid?

The Maya is the false attachment to the illusions that make you happy. If you say you drove a Rolls Royce here, that’s beautiful. But if you absolutely think you need a Rolls Royce to define your happiness, then we have a problem.

9. Drugs are temporary portals to other dimensions. Are there other ways to access different dimensions in contemplative practices?

10. What was one of the defining moment of being raised by Timothy Leary?


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