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How Content Can Manifest Your Dreams

How Content Can Manifest Your Dreams

October 2, 2015

Content is the best catalyst for cultural change. Whether you run a small business or a Fortune 500 company, the can manifest your dreams – both personally and professionally. Here’s how:

1. Content shifts our human evolution and consciousness

Content sparks transformation. It curates the process of change. When you take a few moments to think about it: It’s only through content that we can use technology as a form of self-expression.

Our interactions with technology involve: emotions, intentions, strong feelings, and values. Entirely new bodies of thought, writing, and art are emerging from these new technologies.

It’s enchanting yet prosaic.

And it’s often not until we iterate to the next version of technology that we can look back in retrospect, feel the nostalgia, and maybe even make fun of a moment in time (e.g., MySpace, flip phones anyone?)

But when we see how the small picture on our phones influences the big picture of our future, we can manifest our dreams {click to tweet!}.

Create content to spark transformation. But don’t create because you think you’re “supposed to create.” This produces mediocrity (and the world is already flooded with mediocrity). Instead, allow creativity to flow through you to create only the work that you can.

Tip: Instead of simply absorbing content and then spitting it back out in the same form, use your brain to create content that’s entirely unique to you. It takes patience and determination to express your inner being. But when you do, you’re no longer guided by your ego. You become guided by something larger than you that transcends your work.

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I am on a journey with my work, my explorations, and a few sad stories. I travel with a suitcase full of outrageous blessings. I am on a quest for truth, beauty + quiet joy. I am an artist, a writer, an explorer. – Anonymous

2. Content is art

More Fortune 500 companies and top-tier brands are starting to see the value of whimsical, creative creatures. They’re turning to artists when they need a fresh perspective on marketing and branding. According to this article in Fast Company:

“Culture is changing faster than ever. If you want to understand what that means, you need more than someone who specializes in branding. You need consultants who can lead you through the cultural shifts in real time and who are actually engaged in the production of culture.”

Sure, stats and data can always improve your content strategy. But I believe there’s an art to doing business. And the core of this art appears in the form of your desires and dreams. We’re all a part of something bigger than us. So, when we regard content as something that’s poetic and artful, we can elevate human consciousness (and maybe finally grasp String Theory).


Tip: Use your unique thoughts and ideas to tap into something bigger than yourself. For example, Zappos has a culture of “happiness.” If you’ve ever come into contact with a Zappos representative or visited the Zappos headquarters, you’ll see that they live and breathe by this core value. It’s a vision that everyone can appreciate and understand.

3. You can experiment with ideas

Content allows you to iterate on ideas and constantly evolve your messaging and branding. Whether you use hashtags to make your business more human or you use context to grow your business, experimenting with the art of your ideas can take you to another level where you can recreate yourself.

Tip: Express your ideas on Instagram or create secret boards on Pinterest to develop your branding before putting it out in the world. Write blog posts that showcase your personality. Oh, and do more yoga! And meditate. And do all of the things that make you happy. Because in the end, all you truly need is vision, drive (and lots of creative content!) to manifest your dreams.

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