How to Get Your Messages Heard

December 10 2012

Don’t just tread water. Build a boat.

Create a vehicle for your ideas. Or at least a way to escape the Zombie Apocalypse.

Get your messages heard. Here’s how:

1. See the forest from the trees

Be objective in retrospect. It’s easy to think you’re being objective in the moment. But sleep on it. Let a day or two pass. And then look at what you said/wrote/discussed. Time always changes perspectives.

2. Build from the core idea

Reproduce your ideas by letting the core idea sink in and multiply. A durable message starts with one. But it dies a quick death if you kill it before it has the chance to grow.

This works for content marketing.

3. Get in the mind of your audience

It’s easy to get lost in a message you crafted.  Get a high-level view of your wisdom by abolishing industry jargon and acronyms.

Dissect each word as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Look at the overall story with the mind of your audience.

For example, the word “content” makes sense in the digital media industry. But from my audience’s perspective it’s an adjective that means satisfied. Yeah, I can be an expert in satisfaction. But that’s not what I’m going for.

4. Go back to the “Why”

Why you create something is more important than the how. How your product works isn’t nearly as interesting as why it’s being built in the first place.

For example, one of my clients is an inventor. His youtube videos explain how his product works. But before you get that far, don’t you want to know the trigger that prompted the invention?

5. Focus on Positive Messaging 

How’s that snarkasm working out for you? Does it really help win people over or just stroke your ego? Know when to step back. And when to move forward to prove a point.

6. Intuition matters

Sometimes you need to tell your gut to shut up. Other times it matters more than rational thinking. Only you can be the judge.

How do you get your messages heard? Or are you not having success in this department? Please comment below.  

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