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How Fast Media Dictates Your Dreams

How Fast Media Dictates Your Dreams

January 28, 2013

Fast media is:

1. Some irrelevant story on television news that has no ramifications to you whatsoever (most tv news today).

2. Music that blasts Miley Cyrus in a loop because it’s what the terrestrial radio stations force you to listen to.

3. Terrestrial radio that will never be great again but unfortunately still exists.

Fast media is forced media.

Fast media is shoved in your face by the three dwarfs no one talks about: sleezy, cheesy, and swarmy.

The thing is, force should never be applied to another person, media-related or otherwise.

Which is why I’m a big believer in slow media.

Slow media is:

1. A video or documentary that makes you laugh or think.

2. A podcast or interview that feels like you’re eavesdropping on an interesting conversation in a coffee shop.

3. Information about a product that provides value or a story.

4. Music you choose to listen to…because it’s good.

5. Twitter. Even though delivery is fast, tweets are not forced. You’re choosing to follow someone’s Twitter updates.

Many people consume mediocre media – a combination of fast and slow. These people feel like they have to consume fast media to “keep up with the Joneses.”

Sure, the Jones’s might do “cool things” like own a home.Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 8.43.52 AM

But the Joneses are the most mediocre family you’ll ever meet. They’re like that stick-figure family bumper sticker on a mini-van. They’re the same as everyone. But with no meat. No opinions of their own. No context. No value (besides that whole breeding thing – and who knows how that’ll turn out).

But I digress…

Slow media is not for the distracted masses, it’s for the focused few.

Slow media enables conscious choices in each and every moment – despite what the Joneses may think. Slow media is making a contribution with your passion.


Slow media is enjoying the scenery from the slow lane.

It doesn’t matter whether you look up or down. Beauty is all around. Because you’re enjoying the journey. Instead of focusing on a dictated destination.

But here’s the thing: slow media becomes more challenging to create and consume when fast media interrupts. It’s like being woken from an amazing dream at 3am by a phone call – and answering  – just because it’s ringing. It’s reactive consumption. Answering the call ruins your dream, your night’s sleep, and your focus the next day. But you answered it because – someone is calling! It must be important. Turns out it was the wrong number.

Fast media can be destructive. It dictates your dreams instead of letting you choose. It tells you that the white picket fence is the most exciting dream you can have.

Slow media gives you choices. It adds value. And it makes you think, laugh, and question the Joneses.

And if it’s really good, it challenges you to evolve.

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