How to Integrate Your Marketing

January 07 2013

Technology is changing marketing. And being up on the latest is pretty important for growing your business. One approach to marketing is the “integrated marketing” way.

We know that efficiency saves time. And the best way to be efficient with your marketing is through integration. Well, what do you integrate? Content, social, and search, of course! The true power to digitally market is when these three tactics are smartly combined. But wait…how do you do this? And why is it so important?

Think of the these concepts like floodlights that light up the sky. One light may be enough to see who’s at the front door of your home. But wouldn’t you prefer to have three lights if you’re trying to light up your neighborhood?


Three lights wouldn’t only allow you to see better. It would allow others to see you too.

But what do the three lights represent?

1. Let’s start with content:

Make the content you post on your (preferably self-hosted) blog original and creative. Good content gives you an edge over competitors. To be considered “good” it needs to:

a.  Fascinate to stand out.

b.  Be quality.

c. Be consistent.

A quality blog with fascinating content is “sticky.” Because good content is like glue – tough to peel away [tweet this!].

But it’s not about creating content for the sake of creating content. You want results, right? Companies who create content on their blog, acquire 46% more customers:

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 6.23.11 PM

Before you start churning out content, it’s important to find the human connection with your target demographic audience by determining their demographic and attitude (known as a buyer persona).

2. Social 

Social is not just “a platform.” And it’s not a one-way conversation. It’s an extension of yourself or your business. Which becomes a way to bring in business if executed properly.  An interactive social media presence full of relevant information gets results. Why? Social media done right becomes earned media. Earned media is often less expensive yet more effective than paying for media (i.e., direct mail).

Earned media happens when your content “goes viral.” An image, video, or link can “go viral” when people (preferably customers) react to the content that you create – and frequently share it. This takes your content to the next level. Because it becomes content marketing that works.

If you truly believe in what you do, content marketing will feel like an art. Pour your heart into what you do. Create content that means something to you or your company. Become a media channel that broadcasts words, photos, and video. It all should come together to seamlessly tell the story of your brand. If you don’t know how to do this, hire a writer or artist who can help tell your story.

3. Search

Not optimizing content for search is like cooking a delicious, hot meal for 100 people – and then eating it all yourself. You’re taking the time to create the content – why not let others consume it?

Make sure your content is search engine optimized by creating content that’s relevant to your customers and using keyword tools.

Side note: Each company has their own unique goals and audience. There’s not a “one size fits all” approach. The right balance needs to be implemented.

Do you use the integrated approach? Why or why not? Please comment below. 

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