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The 5 Best Apps to Live a Completely Mobile Life

The 5 Best Apps to Live a Completely Mobile Life

July 3, 2012

Whether the beach lures you away, or an extended vacation, summer means more time away from your desk. Which means more time away from that other thing that sits on your desk – your computer. This poses a challenge for those who don’t have the right tools and systems in place. How do you get work done, stay organized and connected while being away? Here are some apps that will help you do it all on the fly.

1. Dropbox

If you’re still emailing yourself important files, stop now. There’s a better way to access files on the go – it’s called DropBox. If you’ve been meaning to create backup files of important docs on your computer, simply download the files to DropBox and never worry about losing them again. It stores everything virtually and you can access your files on your iPhone, iPad, or computer.

2. Skype

Are you traveling internationally and don’t really need your cell phone? Yet don’t want to travel without it? Download Skype. You’ll still be able to call family and friends minus the exorbitant phone bill.

3. Instapaper

This one is a long-held favorite. Instantly access any articles you come across on the web but never have time to read. The best part? You don’t need internet access to do the reading. No longer bother purchasing printed materials just for those few minutes of a flight during takeoff and landing when wireless isn’t allowed. Unless of course you use those few minutes as an excuse to buy every celeb gossip magazine you can get your hands on. (I can’t at all relate to doing something like this <sarcasm>).

4. HBOGo

If you have cable with an HBO subscription, this is a must have. You’ll need your comcast id and a password, but once you’re in you can access almost any show or series on HBO. Don’t waste time downloading shows from iTunes or scanning for good movies on Hulu. HBOGo is quality programming on the fly – what could be better?

5. Expensify

Do you travel a lot for work but despise the post-trip chaos of organizing receipts and creating expense reports? Expensify solves all of that and then some. You can sync the app with credit cards to easily add expenses to invoices and even take pictures of receipts. It solves so much time.

What are some of your favorite apps that help you live a mobile life? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.