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How Technology is Changing Marketing

How Technology is Changing Marketing

November 26, 2012

Public relations and marketing are no longer about . Yes, it’s still a large part of what communicators do (no matter what you call that news release). But marketing today is more about keeping up with the times. Especially if you’re a cutting-edge brand or maintain an e-commerce site.

Gambling is fun. But as marketers, we can no longer hedge our bets on what customers want.


Here’s why:

Big Data

Big data is how brands can personalize and prioritize messages to their customer. Why else do you think Facebook bought Instagram?

Marketers must find the pulse of their audience. This requires being a bit tech-savvy.

We must:

1. See relationships

2. Find pattern recognition

3. Observe behaviors

4. Segment populations

One personal favorite company who does this right is gilt.com.  They take advantage of the integrated marketing approach by using big data to get to 1-on-1:

The data is central. We’re on the cutting edge of using data to inform our marketing and to create the most personalized e-communication possible to the customer, so that each member essentially has a different email they receive.

Each customer gets a different email targeted to their specific needs, wants, and wishes.

How cool (or creepy) is that?

What are some other companies or brands who seem to know you the best? Please comment below.