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How to Create More Opportunity

How to Create More Opportunity

May 2, 2013

won’t always be as powerful as it is today. You’re getting more selective with how you get your news. And living in a time where you shouldn’t need to rely on the mainstream. Because relying on the mainstream can often mean hoping to get picked.

But what if you pick yourself? What if you created something that you believe in? What about owning your thoughts, ideas, and content? Doesn’t that mean anything?

Ok, let’s say that you do get picked. And you give a rock solid media interview. Do you want to see that interview rented out on CNN once? Or would you prefer that your interview exist on YouTube forever (and reap the SEO rewards)?

But the real question is: Do you want to sell your time? Or do you want to share your media and create value?

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Photo taken by yours truly

Time is often disconnected from the value we create.

Time and space

Nothing is more powerful than an internet connection and ideas. And the beauty of these two things? They don’t revolve around a time clock, or “normal” business hours. They exist within our own internal clocks. Which means that I find myself working harder today than any hours that would ever go into a timesheet.

You’re interconnected across time and space, living in newtopia. Things no longer happen in chronological order, the way they used to. Look at history.


Douglass Rushkoff argues that we need to push beyond the present shock:

“We’re trying to run a 21st century digital peer-to-peer, efficient economy on an ancient printing press operating system. And the two just don’t jive anymore. If we no longer need all of these people working to provide basic goods and services, then what are the new economies? What creates meaning? What are the kinds of businesses that we can start that no longer have to grow at the rate of interest?”

And he goes on to argue why there’s enough food at the 23:30 mark:

“There’s enough food. We’re burning food every week in America to keep the market prices high. And you’re saying you gotta eat. So, we’re burning the food so that you have to work more in order to get the money to get the food because if we don’t burn the food you’re not going to have to work as much to earn the money to get it. Something is wrong there…”

Something is wrong. And this is the beginning of things. The beauty of today is that the answer and opportunity is in you. You have the ability to make useful things faster and better than any corporation. You have the power to become fearless. You have the power to think differently. And you have the ability to share your media with the world.

What are you doing to create value? Are you creating opportunity? Please comment below.