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How to Create Shareworthy Content

How to Create Shareworthy Content

October 23, 2015

When you create shareworthy content, you build more credibility and make an impact for your business. You eventually start to . But you may look around, shake your head, and wonder how everyone else is doing it. It’s ok. You got this {fistbump}. Here are some tips:

1. Create with context

Take pride in your work by creating content with context. This grows your business and shows that you care about your audience. In a world with too much noise, creating (and curating!) with context is the polite thing to do.


Create with context by:

  • Blogging: Use your mind to bring new, unique ideas into the world. This builds meaningful conversations around the content that you create.

Curate with context by:

  • Sharing a link to an article with your interpretation or thoughts on the subject. Keep the conversation going by adding value. When you do this, you’re not simply throwing an idea out into the world (what most people do) and saying, “figure it out for me!” You are taking the time to figure out why you want to share something. When you put meaning behind the content that you share, it resonates.

2. Don’t be boring.

Humorless and monotone conversations are so how the Internet looked in 1999. Bland. Boring. And stuck on songs that wanted to party like a past year.

Use humor in your content marketing to make it fresh and modern.

Tip: You don’t need Prince.

3. See things differently

shareworthy content

If you don’t like yourself, break up with your former self and recreate yourself so that your business can evolve. Your content is a reflection of how you think and what your business brings into the world. When you recreate yourself, you write from your core.  This allows you to make a bigger impact and more money.

Your life is your message. Choose to see things differently.

Tip: Get out of your routine. Go upside down. Travel. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable. If you can’t travel, start with taking a yoga or meditation class. You’d be surprised how differently you start to see things when you change your perspective.

4. Use uncertainty

Your uncertainty is your path. Use it as a tool to access more adventure.awesomeness of content

Uncertainty allows a deeper unfolding where you start to surrender to our higher consciousness that’s necessary for humanity to evolve.

It takes time to train your mind to thrive off of uncertainty. But when you learn how to use uncertainty as a tool, you can more easily feel grounded in where you’re going next.

Tip: Observe what feelings uncertainty brings up. Is it the need to be in control? It’s teaching you to let go. Feelings of rejection? It’s teaching you to remember your own power. When you start seeing uncertainty as a benefit to you (instead of a hindrance), you can share your process as you create. (I’m a big fan of Instagram for this).

5. Tell stories 

Stories are not just for kids. It’s for the every day human being who needs a bit of inspiration. Like that old man who approached me (True story!)

Photo Oct 22, 9 27 21 PM

“You don’t really believe that message on your shirt, do you? That ‘trust the Universe’ thing?” he asks cynically.

“Of course I do,” I say with a smile.

“But the Universe is big!” he says.

“…an even a better reason to Trust it,” I reply.

He laughs and walks away.

I’ll never know the reason behind his laugh. But it’s moments like this that make me want to share with you. 

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