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How to Ground Your Content in Truth

How to Ground Your Content in Truth

April 27, 2015

When you ground your content in Truth, you let go of the illusions that you built up over the years so that you can discover the. This helps you realize that the simplicity of what you stand on all day (the ground!) is what helps spark ideas and center your creativity. When your creativity is centered, you illuminate your Truth.


With technology, information overload, and just plain life today you need constant reminders to stay grounded – not just for your own personal well-being, but for the content that you create. Here are some tips:

1. Get Grounded

In the physical world, the act of “grounding” is when you link yourself with the Earth or another source of power like the moon, stars, or another natural source of energy. When you ground your content in Truth, you cut to the core so that you can build from a strong foundation. You need a strong foundation because creating content is only the beginning of your marketing. You still have a long way to go.

So you’ll want to let go of preconceived notions of how your content “should be,” so you can say goodbye to the ego. Then you can evolve into your most creative self. It’s from this space where you can create – or ask an experienced creative agency to create content for you.

But what does getting grounded have to do with creative content? And…how do you get grounded?

I get grounded by being outside in nature – either by the beach or at the base of a tree.

The roots of a tree go deep, melting you towards the center of the Earth, magnetizing you to its base as you smell the barch.

The thing is, you can’t get creative if you’re afraid of the ground. If you’re scared of the stillness of the soft grass, or if you sneeze at the sight of a Sequoia, your resistance to something that’s so grounding is…super symbolic.

I know this because I resist it too. I naturally want to soar through the sky, ride my unicorn, and toss glitter throughout the Universe as I go.

The thing is, the glitter in the sky may be pretty. But once it settles, you’ll eventually have to clean up the glitter that’s now on the ground. Because it won’t go anywhere unless you get grounded enough to simultaneously…

2. Keep a beginner’s mind

The first week I started yoga, my yoga instructor told me that I should do a “beginner yoga class.” Ouch. My ego was officially crushed. I was, in fact, a beginner. But something about him pointing out the obvious to me scarred me…for life.

It’s scary how scorching words can be.

So I stayed complacent and didn’t challenge myself for a long, long time.

The beginner’s mind is what will often beckon the ego – the “expert” mind. It’s the Kanye West’s of the world that (subconsciously) weird you out by saying “Imma let you finish…but for right now…look at how awesome I am!”

Don’t listen to it (or Kanye either).

Instead listen to that space between one note and the next – the in-between. It has a lot to offer. And it’s during this millisecond where you find your natural state.

But your mind…your mind…your mind…that mind….it’s telling you that your natural state is scary. Because it’s quiet. And serene. And it’s so…beginner. And…you’re so much better than beginner.

your mind

But when you learn to listen to the forces that crush your ego, you can evolve. Because it will (eventually) have something to teach.

3. Start from the source of the pain

I still remember how I felt when my second-grade teacher told me that my story was stupid: Disheartened. Defeated. Destroyed. My heart ached for years. And I began to believe that all of my ideas for the next two decades were stupid. I eventually overcame it from starting at the source of the pain – my writing. This writing.

Thank god these stories don’t seem so “stupid” to me anymore.

The best online content is creative chaos. Pain mixed with pleasure. Highs coupled with the lows. Dark mixed with light.

Intensity can fan the flame of awareness, if you temper it with Truth – and if you let go of your ego to honor your honesty.

Because honesty allows you to appreciate your scars. So that when you start from the source of the scars, you can recreate yourself. So that you can illuminate your Truth, find pleasure (and simultaneously find yourself in the process).

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