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How to Use Media to Market Your Business

How to Use Media to Market Your Business

May 30, 2013

High-quality content through the creation of meaningful media can make a big impact. Here are some ways to use media to market your business:

1. Create custom content

According to Hanley-Wood Business media, 78% of CMO’s agree that custom content is the future of marketing. Why? Because custom content drives meaningful business results.

But let’s be real. Creating custom content through blogging, audio podcasts, or video content is hard work. It’s time-intensive, and the results are not immediate. But I promise, if you stick through the ups and downs for six months to a year, you’ll see results. These results will give your brand an edge and create long-term value for years to come. 

2. Don’t think traditional 

Traditional PR companies can be expensive. And traditional marketing (e.g., direct mail, paid advertisements, trade show booths) isn’t always the right approach, anyway.

Traditional marketing companies often stick to rules. But forward-thinking companies? They’re the first to break them. And this is a good thing because rules don’t always allow you to evolve. And in today’s world, evolving is how you grow.


Holistic marketing by humanizing your brand is a more forward-thinking, integrated approach to marketing. Combining high-quality content, social media, and search allows you to become the source. Blogging and creating owned media (audio podcasts, videos, ebooks) is the wave of the marketing future. It brings online marketing and PR together in a way that makes your brand more human. Don’t let traditionalists tell you otherwise.

3. Educate instead of promote

Educating your customers is a powerful content marketing strategy. And brands that place a priority on educating their prospects and customers through the creation of remarkable content are wisely choosing the road less traveled.


The road is less traveled because it’s somewhat new. Businesses would much rather promote through paid advertising because that’s the way it’s always been done. Try to find a way to work authentic content (like reviews) into your paid content strategy. Reviews and other types of earned media are more trusted.

Are you using media to market your business?

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