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Entertain + Educate Your Customers

January 26, 2014
Entertain + Educate Your Customers

How do you Humanize your Brand and create content that connects with your customers? You start by thinking with your Heart. And feeling with your Mind.

If you’re like me, you dream of a world where meaningful media matters.

It’s a world with:

  • Less shouting, more thinking.
  • Less marketing, more clarity.
  • Less advertising, more stories.

You want:

  • A “no pitch” marketing approach
  • To inspire relevant and engaging conversations around your industry.
  • To attract new website visitors in an engaging, fun way.
  • A deeper, more meaningful connection with your customers.

You don’t want your marketing to feel salesy or forced. But you also can’t wait for the customers to come knocking on your door.

Content marketing is how it’s done.

Content…what? Content marketing. It’s the industry term for articles and blog posts that entertain and educate your customers.

This “entertain and educate” package is the more cost-effective way to advertise. It’s what attracts an audience, builds a community, and drives hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in an authentic, fun way.


You recognize hype for what it is. And you don’t want to be part of the problem. You want to be the solution

which is why the content on your website needs to ‘advertise’ for you. You’ll need to earn your customers trust through your words. When you write the right words, you help instead of build hype. And you resonate more with your customers. This means that you get:

More traffic. More influence. More sales.

Seems pretty simple, right? It is.

This “entertain and educate” package is for you if you want to:

  • Stop wondering what to write about and start publishing articles that get you noticed.
  • Spend less time promoting your business – and more time doing what you love.
  • Stop hoping for the media to cover you, and start attracting the attention that you deserve by creating your own media.

What I can absolutely promise:

  • Innovative, edgy, and often humorous ideas that inspire relevant, engaging conversations around your industry + make your business stand out
  • My best tips + tools to attract an audience, build a community and drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in an authentic, fun way.
  • My guidance and wisdom to attract the attention you deserve by creating your own media which leads to more:  Traffic. Influence. Sales.
Jennifer Merry, Sr. Marketing Manager, FatCow

Jessica's writing skills and timely blog posts have exceeded my expectations. Her content is current, unique and thoughtful. We've seen a definite increase in traffic to our sites from Jessica's contribution. I enjoy working with and highly recommend Jessica.

Chris Pilbeam, Content Specialist, Vocus

Jessica's writing and marketing know-how have played a considerable role in growing the Vocus Blog. She consistently provides great content, getting to the heart of complex marketing themes and breaking them down for a broad and diverse readership. I'm always confident she's going to deliver and it's a pleasure to work with her.

Geoff Livingston, President, Tenacity5

Jessica was part of a blog team that quadrupled in bound blog traffic for my client. She wrote a timely blog every week, and played team ball on topics, as well as in socialization of her work.


1. Why invest in content marketing?

Content marketing is the best long-term strategy. According to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

The content you publish today (when done right) can be found years later. It’s one of the best return on investments you can make for your business.

An investment in content is an investment in yourself – not just for who you are today, but who you want to become. The act of creating content for your customers:

  1. Positions you as a thought leader
  2. Builds good Karma and trust
  3. Brings in business  

2. I’ve hired or I’m thinking of working with an SEO company. Why work with you?

I play nice with other SEO agencies, so I’m happy to be a partner on your team.

But here’s the thing: Many business owners waste money on SEO practices that have not worked in five years. SEO companies write for Search Engines. I believe in Human Engine Optimization. Even though most of the content we’ll create is picked up by Search Engines, it’s designed with humans in mind.

The work we do in our 1:1 strategy session integrates relevant, cutting-edge thinking that guarantees that your approach stays relevant, on-trend, and focused on the future of where we’re heading.  

3. I’m not clear on the content I want to create. Does it make sense to hire you? 

Yes. The work we do doesn’t just elevate your mindset – but also integrates your spirit to breathe new life into how you see your work. Together, we’ll see learn how you can set yourself apart from what’s already been said about your industry – so you can rise above the noise to drive real, meaningful conversations around you and your product//service.

4. How does your Content Marketing package differ from the others that are out there?

  • I believe that content marketing in your business creates a sacred dialogue between you and your customers.
  • My deep love for health and fitness – from running the Marine Corps marathon to 200-hour yoga teacher certification allows me to bring embodiment into the conversation that aligns intuition to reorient your values. This allows your content to truly be exquisite – and something that ONLY YOU can create.
  • I fuse psychology, literature, and human behavior to spark insights not just for your content – but for your life and business.
  • This package integrates journalism, storytelling, psychology, and human behavior – sectors that don’t frequently come together.
  • I believe in the power and opportunity of the new economy – the one that fuses creativity, consciousness, and connection. These are the pieces that make humanity evolve.

The nuts + bolts:
This isn't just a typical package. It's a luxury experience for your business that includes:

  • one 45-minute introductory call to discuss your content strategy.
  • Personalized editorial calendar to stay organized.
  • Delivery of 12 articles via email in Microsoft Word document or Google Docs (your preference).
  • 1 – 2 articles per week, with at least 500 words per article.
  • Clickable headlines.
  • Images and GIFS included in each article
  • Inbound and outbound links to organically build SEO benefits.
  • Email support and weekly reporting
  • Work is started once full payment is received

    Price: $3000