Jessica Ann is an inspiring Keynote speaker on personal and business transformation

If you’re looking to inspire your audiences and start much-needed conversations in your industry, you’re in the right place.

Creating a remarkable brand reputation is more difficult than ever. Companies that do it well need a powerful strategy that’s designed to listen, explore, and evolve into a loyal community of devoted fans.
I work with organizations that want consistent results using this same strategy. My clients are already passionate about their people and their customers. They’re looking for a proven model to translate passion into higher revenues and more impact.
Human Content™ is the essential part of a brand’s story. I speak about how Human Content creates cultural change within organizations, and how this leads to more business.
My presentations are timely and easily molded to specific demographics.

Here are some events where I spoke:

Google NYC in August 2016

Today’s audience is young, acculturated, tech-savvy, and multi-screen, with incredible influence driving mainstream trends in fashion, food, music, sports, and more.
My Keynote at Google addressed how to reach the millennial and multicultural audiences through Human Content™.

Content Marketing Conference in May 2016

I was a Keynote speaker during the Fireside chat at the Content Marketing Conference in Las Vegas, alongside rockstar musician Will Dailey. I addressed how and why Human Content™ is the essential part of a brand’s story. A major theme of this event was the idea that the marketing industry is shifting from B2B and B2C to H2H – human to human communication.

SXSW 2016

I had a book signing at the Barnes and Noble and spoke at a mentor session during SXSW 2016.

Conquer Club – February 2015

I taught an interactive marketing + messaging workshop in NYC for The Conquer Club, which has been recognized by Forbes as a global leader in women’s entrepreneurship.

CoWerks Asbury Park

I spoke at my coworking community, CoWerks, where I gave practical tips and advice to business owners looking to find freedom and impact with their business.

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