Create a Globally
Recognized Podcast
in 9 weeks!

This is not your average “how to start a podcast” course.

Oh no, babe.

This is a goddamn activation.

This is an invitation to meet your future self.

This is you, creating a binge-worthy, chart-topping, money-making podcast.

Stop trying to figure out everything on your own and hire a mentor who has everything done for you with proven systems and processes.

This is a course for the creatives, spiritual leaders, and changemakers who are ready to use their voice to change the world.

I have 15+ years experience working as a news producer for major, national media outlets

Here’s the deal.

But getting to where I am now, with one of the highest-ranking podcasts in my industry, required me to unlearn 99% of everything I was taught.

And I’m here to teach you everything I know.

Confession: My top ranking podcast? The one I started in 2015?? It only has 77 episodes.

It makes no logical sense.

But energetically speaking?

It makes alllllll the sense.

I've interviewed some of the most brilliant minds. People like world-renowned marketer Seth Godin, Richard Rudd, Dr. Jack Kruse, Dr. Kelly Brogan, and even comedian Pete Holmes.

How do I do it?

My show isn’t something born out of market research and endless promotion and all that stuff that we’re taught to care about…
My show is my soul work. My legacy.
It is my creative portal; a channel through which I give and receive.
And when I combined this deeper wisdom and Inner Knowing with my years of experience pioneering content initiatives for major brands like Bitcoin, Getty Images, Adobe, and Google THAT is when the magic happened. This is when I realized the power of BOTH masculine systems and structures coupled with the feminine frequency…that’s what so many other courses get wrong. They’re either one or the other.

Your voice is powerful, babe.

More powerful than you even know.
And your time to use it is now.
When you use your voice, you’re giving a voice to your mother and your mother’s mother and every woman who came before her who was forced to play small in her life.

Like my dear friend James put it: “Don’t tell me how many followers you have – tell me how many ancestors are whispering in your ear.”

Are you ready to give your ancestors the microphone?

The money & fame will come.

That’s a given, my love.

When you do this work…your soul work…the entire universe will realign to support you.

So believe me when I tell you, the podcast idea you have in your mind, it is already a success. Your audience already exists. There is even a place in the Spotify charts already waiting to be filled by your show.

If you’re starting to feel excited, but the details of how to actually produce and launch a podcast are overwhelming (what microphone? What platform? What about branding and monetizing and omg…)

Then this course is your answer.

Just to outline the course structure for you / What you get in the program is:

This is not your average “how to start a podcast” course.

The first three weeks program we go deep into branding, equipment, cover art and theme music. there’s also a voice chakra meditation that guides you to connect with Source so that you can amplify your message in a powerful way.

The next three weeks we go over: trailer, revenue streams and business models and one sheets. and the final three weeks are all about the editorial process, collecting reviews, mindset and marketing your podcast.

Personalized Support

5 1:1 calls so that you have personalized support from me that takes you right into your launch. The first 9-weeks are heavily private: we’re going to have calls every other week during that 9-week kickoff period and I’ve found this works really well.


9 online modules; one module is released every 7 days so that you grow so much anticipation for your upcoming show among your soulmate listeners, that they'll be marking their calendars and counting down the days to its launch...

Podcasting Strategy

Live online weekly Q&A support where additional tools and tips are given. You'll have a safe space to ask questions about your podcast strategy as you grow - replays are also provided

Expert Knowledge

You’ll get access to a FB group forum where further Q&A happens with a group of other podcasters SO THAT there’s quick access to expert knowledge and advice. This program is structured in this way to ensure that it is accessible and so that there’s personalized support


And finally, you’ll get access to the materials for a full year which is plenty of time to go through everything at your own pace, even if life gets in the way.

Evidence of the vortex you’re about to join:

Within days of signing up, Nikki started getting downloads from her grandmother and healed ancestral trauma through using her voice.

Nikki Trott
Host of Going Conscious

Heather booked her DREAM guest on her show during her launch and now has over 20,000 downloads! 

Heather Grzych,
Author and Ayurveda teacher

My podcast now has 20,000 downloads! There is no way I’d be able to build my audience so quickly and efficiently on my own. You’ve thought of everything to get me started and have been there every step of the way to support me.
Thank you!

My client Patrick Cooke immediately brought in a new client and made $4k within a day of getting off one of our podcast calls.

Patrick Cooke,
Coach and Record Producer

Jessica! That was an absolutely 🔥🔥🔥 session yesterday. Right after our call I enrolled a new client at $3800. It's a frequency! Thank you. I am SO excited about BEING!!! And GAME BEING!!❤️
I'm about to walk on the beach and listen to your Jim Rutt podcast episode. Stoked!

In my world there’s no such thing as “just another podcast”
Your show isn’t just another “marketing tool” or a thing on your content “to-do” list (or ta-da list as I like to call it)…

Your podcast is about to be a powerful light beam for all of humanity.

If this resonates with you, sign up to get on the Waitlist! 

Frequently Asked Questions...

There’s nothing in the world that exists like this program. You’ll see podcasting in a new light that will expand your idea for what’s possible as you scale and grow your show. Even if you already started a podcast, I invite you to go through the program from start to finish. 

You can work with me in other ways: You can hire me for a branding and business strategy, marketing and social media, or invite me to guide you through your Gene Keys (I’m a certified facilitator). It is my honor to guide you to bring ALL of your multidimensionality into your dharma.
This program has BOTH the linear systems + structure while leaving lots of delicious space for the non-linear magic to happen.

You’re the perfect fit for this course! In the first week we tap into your Unique skillsets and strengths, and energy. There’s also a meditation for you to go even deeper into what you’re here on this Planet to do in this lifetime. We’ll fuse all aspects of your uniqueness together to make sure that your show honors your magic. 

The way that all of the information comes together is a unique methodology – it takes you from the strategic to the intuitive, and it combines my years of experience working in journalism, branding, and marketing.  This is the only course you’ll need to launch a successful podcast. 

Resonance: The Quantum approach to launching a podcast

This is not your average “how to start a podcast” course.

Oh no, babe.

This is a goddamn activation.

This is an invitation to meet your future self.

This is you, becoming a lightbeam for the planet