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Tasty Words: The Recipe for Marketing Success

Tasty Words: The Recipe for Marketing Success

May 13, 2013

It’s the marketing strategy that gives a business taste. Why? It all comes to down to words.

Marketing without words is like a recipe without ingredients. The instructions may be clearly written in front of your face, but without the right components, you’ll be left hungry.

How do you choose the most tasty words for your business? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Simplicity

Some businesses think the more words, the better. But that’s like using spaghetti as a pizza topping. It’ll leave your customers confused and too carb-loaded to ask for seconds.


Photo credit: avlxyz

If you want to get creative, think simple. Hone in on three words that convey the essence of your brand. For example, modern, lavish, and dramatic are great words for a new, trendy restaurant. But don’t just pick random words. You’ll want them to resonate with you and your brand.

2. Tone

Tone is the attitude towards the subject. It can be formal, informal, playful, and serious, among many others. But be careful that your tone is consistent across each touchpoint. The trendy restaurant that chooses to pair formal words with an informal font doesn’t exactly come across as:

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 12.20.07 PM

now does it? Simplicity shouldn’t contradict tone.

3. Style

A key component of style is the point of view from which your customer hears, sees, and feels the brand’s story. You may think your business is the “best thing since sliced bread.” But that kind of copy often comes across stale, along with that bread.

Stories with style are fresh and engaging. Get inside the mind of your customers to come up with inspired taglines that correspond with their needs and wants.

4. Relevance

Relevance is the serving platter that delivers the words to your target market. And when done right, it encourages interaction.

medium_5117081058 (1)

Photo credit: Sean Molin Photography

If you create the most amazing soup, but it’s served on a plate, it becomes hard to eat. Don’t let your hard work come to a halt with irrelevance. Make sure your message is easily consumable by your customers.

This doesn’t mean being on all of the social media platforms. It means being on the rightones that are relevant to your customers.

5. Format

Format has a lot to do with relevance because how you distribute your words impacts its relevance.

Learn the demographics of your ideal customers so that you can reach them through their preferred format. Information like gender, age, and location can be powerful when constructing and distributing your message.

Simple ingredients make up a solid marketing strategy. The right mix of words creates satisfied customers who come back for seconds.

What words do you use in your marketing mix?