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Meaningful Media Makes Marketing Better

  • Become a leader in your industry
  • Create awareness around your brand
  • Rise above the noise

Why do some businesses have that je ne sais quoi, and others don’t? It’s not because they speak french (although a French accent never hurts). It’s often because they they do less marketing. Yes, you can bring in more business with less marketing.

Less is more.

The secret is that these businesses don’t actually do more work. They create meaningful media and marketing messages that have three things in common:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Clarity
  3. Purpose

If this all seems too simple, it’s because it is. But as humans, we have a tendency to overcomplicate things.

In this 4-week marketing course, learn how to do less marketing but make a bigger impact. Discover how to rise above the noise, make more money, and find more freedom in your business.

Here’s how the course is broken down:

Class 1: Understand Your Customer

Marketing today is not just about using the new channels of social media to broadcast your message. It requires a new perspective.

We’ll create your ideal customer, listen to his or her story, explore your story, and discuss ways to evolve the content on your website so that your brand connects with your customers in a meaningful way.

Class 2: Build a Brand that’s Human

You’ll get to the core of your brand to unlock new inspiration that drives the why behind what makes your brand uniquely you. You’ll learn how to communicate more effectively with your customers, and lead them to take action. You’ll build your brand in a way that leaves you feeling liberated so that you can authentically attract loyal fans and win new business.

Class 3: Create Awareness of your Brand

Learn how to build a network of fans that help promote your content for you, and helps you achieve your business goals. Discover how to get more targeted online traffic for your business, and get on the good side of Google’s search engine. You’ll also get inside tips and tricks for how to reach out to the media (it’s not as scary as you might think).

Class 4: Social Media Marketing and Measuring

The perks of being on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram are endless. But sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. Learn how put systems in place so that you feel less overwhelmed with your social media marketing efforts, and more savvy. Gain an understanding of which social media platform is right for you, and learn how to tell your story across the right networks for your business. You’ll also discover the best measurement tools so that you can get track your data, and get valuable insights into how to evolve your strategy.

Date: each Wednesday in February, starting February 5th
Time: 3pm – 5pm EST
Location: Virtual (Teleconference)
Cost: $500
*Course limited to 8 students.


Jessica is great in action. The information presented in the class has benefited my business immensely. Her knowledge combined with her positive personality motivates small business owners to have hope and use the tools to generate new leads and connections. Her course is the best thing I did to finish my year in 2013.

 jorge– Jorge Alarcon, CEO, Outgoing Travel

Jessica taught the true meaning of what social media and marketing is today, and how to use it effectively. I have now modified my plan of action, and can’t wait to provide value to my customers through using social media marketing. Her information was up to date and learning from someone who lives it everyday makes me feel confident moving forward.

mikesab Mike Sabatino, CEO, Care Promotions

 Questions? Email me: jessica [at] jessica ann media dot com

About Jessica:

Sure, I may have worked with some top-notch media companies throughout my soul-searching years of my youth. But today, I’ve boxed my experiences into a bowl full of brilliance and beauty to give back to you. Because…this world isn’t about me or some media company, it’s about you and the opportunities in the collaborative economy. It’s about harnessing the human heart of your brand so that it creates value, and makes meaning for the people who matter. Join me?

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