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The Wizard of Oz’s Guide to Branding

The Wizard of Oz’s Guide to Branding

October 22, 2012

Branding may seem like wizardry. But it’s really quite simple. As simple as a childhood classic.

Because The Wizard of Oz can teach us everything we need to know. For companies to succeed they must:

1. Continually evolve.

Branding is a constant journey. It can be scary or challenging at times. But it’s important to remember to follow the yellow brick road. It’s not the destination itself but rather how companies evolve that makes all the difference.

2. Take on a challenge.

Dorothy didn’t know where she was going. But she knew how to overcome challenges. Which is a big part of what defines a brand.

3. Elicit trust.

Trust is central for branding. Because customers need to trust what you’re selling. They need to know that quality and honesty exist somewhere over the rainbow.



4. Have a heart. 

Companies are living organisms. The heart will not beat without compassion behind the brand. The heart allows for humanity and realness.

5. Dream big

Dorothy’s dream brought her to Oz. She was against the mediocrity in Kansas. And didn’t want to settle for the status quo. She lifted the others up along the way. Because her dream was big enough to support them.

What has The Wizard of Oz taught you about branding? Please comment below.