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Truths for Creating Your Truth

Truths for Creating Your Truth

June 14, 2014

 about ourselves. And it’s all part of elevating yourself to your higher truth. Here are the top 10 truths for creating your truth:

1. Understand what truth means to you

Understand that these are my truths. Your truth will manifest differently for you.

The word “Truth” to me is quiet yet bold. Humble – yet heaping with hubris. It’s a word I’ve been seeing a lot lately. It’s kind of fun to see where it’ll turn up next…


Oh, sweet…there it is again!

Truth is conveyed through language and words. And it often means that you’re in harmony with fact or reality. Transition your thoughts through words. Ideas. Stories. Meaning. Give quiet hints and directions in your own voice. It doesn’t need to be loud. It just needs to be true. And understood by you.

2. Funk up your funktionslust

Funktionslust is a German word (similar to kitsch!) that means “pleasure taken in what one does best.” This translation allows the promise of pulling together your strengths – so that you can focus on your Truth. Through this lens, you can sharpen your social to drive targeted traffic to your brand.

When you funk up your funktionslust, you start to put your soul into your work. You’re creating content with context. And you’re funking up your lust (that’s hot).

3. Repicture your Truth

When you find ways to repicture your truth, you open your eyes to more variety and beauty. You kill cliches, and break misconceptions. This leads to better thinking.

The Getty Images #repicture campaign strive to reshape how people think about important issues (such as community, leadership, and love). I collaborated with Getty Images to repicture cliched concepts through the power of pictures to push the boundaries visually through the lens of the humanity.

4. Embrace your paradoxes

It’s often the things you have to say…but you don’t know how that haunts you. Taunts you. Possesses something deep inside of you. What you push away, comes back around. What you welcome, abandons. Yeah, ish gets weird.

Here’s another Truth: Last week I got caught in ego muck, along with experiencing the craziness of Mercury in Retrograde. And it sucked. But then I stopped ramming the Industrial Age mentality of “more, more, more” into my head. And became ok with less. Until it became the ultimate paradox: The words were still in me. But they felt chastised. Restrained. Fettered. Unfree.

The truth is that all Truth lies in paradox. Embrace it. Breathe into it. And then release it into the world when you’re ready. It’ll feel good.

5. Tap into Patience

I’m talking about patience. Real patience.

The kind that grinds into your soul. That sits with your silence. The kind of patience that forces irritation into motivation.

Yes. Tap into that.

You’ll slow down and start to enjoy the scenery from the slow lane. Get access to the serene instead of sensational. You’ll acquire depth. And discernment. But to do this you must also…detox.


6. Detox from digiphrenia

Technology is not bad for us. But the disconnect that surrounds our digital lives does nothing to elevate humanity.  

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff describes this concept as “digiphrenia.” It’s digitally provoked mental chaos. It’s a symptom of what happens when new technologies let us be in more than one place and self – at the same time. 

To design the life you want, let the rhythms of life guide you. Detoxing is necessary to strip away deceptions.

Get this: over 50% of teenagers believe that if you can’t document a moment, it’s not worth having. Seriously.  

If you’re not a teenager – and you can afford to detox from digiphrenia – create an environment where you’re inspired. And you can coexist with your self – so that you can co-create with others, constantly.

7. Cut to Your Core

When you cut to your core, you can reveal your true essence. You can shift paradigms, and access the mystical experience of life. Whether you cut to your core through meditation, running, yoga, or being in nature, untangle your mind for a clearer vision. The Truth of your physical experience can tell you a lot. Live fully in the present – so that your future becomes wide open.

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8. Forget your past

You are not who you were, but who you’re evolving into. It may be hard to forget this when #throwbackthursday is throwing you back in time. But when you evolve into a more conscious, present path, you can run fast. You can forge ahead with certainty. Clarity. Simplicity. And Grace.

9. Be curious

“A sense of curiosity is nature’s original school of education.”
– Smiley Blanton

The only thing curiosity kills…is inertia. Curiosity fuels passion. It questions authority. And it allows you to test the bounds of reality, so that you can dive deeper into your Truth.

10. Be an outlier

When you’re an outlier, you’re obsessively passionate about what you do. You’re creating your own personal recipe for success, so you naturally won’t fit in. That’s ok. You don’t need to (nor want to). But you already knew that.

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