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The Top Content Marketing Trends

The Top Content Marketing Trends

January 27, 2014

The Top Content Marketing Trends

Businesses are finally recognizing the importance of compelling, high-quality content. So, how will the rest of the year play out? What will THE big trend be for the coming year? (cue the Jeopardy music…)

Slow media.


Slow media is insightful. Empowering. Simple. But what exactly is it? 

Slow media is not a website redesign that takes four months longer than anticipated. It’s not the news read slowly (although that can be funny). Slow media is not the old media of yesterday either – even though tube TV’s and Nintendo are always nostalgic.

Ok. So really. What is it?

Slow media inspires the soul. And it’s the building blocks to great ideas.

It’s the more positive side of the media story – the stories that you seek. And maybe crave. Because…well, who isn’t sick of hearing uninspiring stories in the media?

According to this study from Northwestern University, the overwhelming access to positive, inspiring news and information is not overwhelming. It’s empowering and it promotes enthusiasm.

Not only is society more enthusiastic about consuming slow media. It’s also more effective than traditional methods while costing 62% less. So you can have fun, spend less, and make more.

Slow media is mindful media consumption and creation.

Slow media is the psychological underpinning to sponsored content. But slow media, and consequently sponsored content, needs to be taken seriously – and done in a thoughtful way.

Your content needs to be compelling and creative.

Simple yet strategic.

When done right, slow media makes your customers want to hear your brand story. It entertains and educates. It inspires others who actively want to co-create with you, and improve your business.

It’s media that’s meaningful. And it’s precisely what makes your marketing better.

Contact us to learn how to create slow media for your business.