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Want to Host Your Own Podcast?

Want to Host Your Own Podcast?

January 27, 2017

Podcasting has (almost) moved past “nerd status” and is now an effective way to bring in new customers. According to Edison Research, 21 million Americans are listening to 21 million hours of podcasting a day. And 30% of marketers have plans to start podcasting in the next 12 months.

Here are a few reasons why you should host your own podcast: 

  1. You want to build an engaged audience.

According to Forrester, 79% of marketers report that their organizations are shifting to branded content. Being the smart human that you are, you’re already aware of the importance of creating branded content to build your audience. You may already even have an audience for your blog. But when you launch a podcast, you’ll most likely host your content on a completely new platform like iTunes or Stitcher. This exposes your show to new listeners, giving you the opportunity to reach a tribe of new, eager fans ready to hear what you have to say.

But despite how awesome you are, it will still take time and effort to build a following for your show. So, make sure that you enjoy your topic. This seems simple enough, right? When you truly enjoy your topic, you’ll build trust from your audience and your numbers will grow. Creating a fun, engaging podcast can be the key to your success. This may help you to grow your email list or get insights into the best product offerings for your customers. When you start with a topic that piques your interest, you can effectively build fans around your work.

2. You want to be more creative. 

According to Fast Company, about 60% of CEOs polled cited creativity as the most important leadership quality. When you demonstrate your creativity through your podcast, you can attract the attention of potential new clients. A few ways to creatively spice things up on your podcast is by adding in new music or sounds. Or take a snippet of something interesting your guest says and add it to the introduction to engage the curiosity of your listeners.

Remember to do a ton of research on the background of your guests to make sure that you ask unique, meaningful questions. These questions will showcase your expertise and evolve your brand.

3. You want to become a better speaker.

This is one (of the many!) reasons I started my podcast, The Art of Humanity. It paved the path for me to be a Keynote speaker at events around the country. Conducting interviews is one of the quickest ways to improve your speaking skills – minus the scary scene of a live audience. While you’re building your podcast, you’re getting comfortable (with being uncomfortable) behind the microphone.

Speaking gigs aren’t consistent. But podcasting can be.

According to Entrepreneur, most podcasts are between 30 and 60 minutes. To attract leads and drive sales, make sure to release a consistent duration of your podcast – as well as release your podcast on the same day of the week or the same day of the month. Just like in the old days of television shows (pre-Tivo), listeners enjoy the suspense of a new episode that releases at a particular time in the week. Of course, listeners don’t have to listen to the show the day that it comes out. But knowing that it’s available on a specific day keeps the interest of your listeners.

Need help? I can guide you with:

  • Content strategy
  • Editorial calendar development
  • Brainstorming podcast ideas
  • Guest booking
  • Publishing and distribution
  • Developing a strategy for podcast promotion
  • Media outreach
  • Influencer relations

Contact us to learn more about how podcasting fits into your content strategy.

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