Why Content Marketing is an Art

November 08 2012

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The term “marketing” can conjure up images of swarmy promotional messaging, oversized t-shirts, and useless swag that no one needs.

But it’s so much more than that.

Especially when marketing fuses with content. Because creating content is a labor of love. Producing audio, video, blog posts, photography, and tweeting takes work. But it’s how people connect to others. From the street bard begging for a dime, to the rockstar making millions.


You must market your art – in some way, shape, or form – for your customer to see it.

But when you love what you create, marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. Because the second your art is released into the world, it’s about the value it brings. It’s no longer about the artist – the marketer. It’s about educating the customer – the consumer of your art.

Your art can be your words, a photo, a new recipe, a perfectly staged house, or a hot new mobile app. There’s a thread that runs through it all. Art resonates and reverberates throughout the universe. Even if the universe looks like it’s at a standstill.


Good art drives conversation. It creates connection. And connection drives business.

But it’s important to know the reason behind why you do – or are thinking about doing – content marketing in the first place:

Yes, every business wants to boost sales and build brand awareness; but the truth of the matter is that to reach those goals you must first succeed in building an online conversation around the content objects you produce.

Sales are great. But it’s about the meaningfulness of your art.

So create art. Bring value. Pursue meaning.

Because the world needs more people who are content with what they create.




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