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What’s the Energy of Your Content?

What’s the Energy of Your Content?

March 9, 2015

When you , the energy of your content flows. You give generously with your ideas. And you can use this energy to recreate yourself.

But what does energy have to do with…content?

Energy connects you to everything and everyone. And content connects the web. Energy and content are like siblings. They’re connected and related, but sometimes it’s hard to see their relationship. Whether you’re consuming content or creating content, the key to connection is aligned energy.

Consider this about your content:

1. What’s Your Sentence Structure?

Short sentences

create urgency.



Longer, lingering sentences make you feel like you’re reading from a villa in Tuscany, overlooking a lush vineyard, with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand. And grapes. Ryan Gosling feeding you grapes.


Sentence structure gives flow to your words. A rhythm. A beat. A musical cadence. In music, it’s the silence between the notes that make the music. In writing, it’s the structure of your words and phrasing that move the message.

Check out my man Hemingway. It’s his sentence structure that sets his writing apart and creates a distinct energy. He often used short sentences. Or long sentences consisting of short phrases. And while his words created a certain energy, it was more the structure of his sentences, his syntax that sustained the energy.

Tip to spice up sentence structure:

Observe how you structure your sentences. Do you have a lot of run-on sentences that go off on a million different tangents and you don’t use a period to break it up? Or do you make it short?

Notice how the syntax of your sentences influence the energy of your flow. If you don’t like how your sentences sound, experiment with a new style. Try using a colon: A colon with two spaces after it. Or not. (Colons always make me feel awkward).

2. How Are You Creating Context?

The context of your content is the everything around the energy. It’s the layer of meaning behind everything you do. It springs your ideas forward. It builds momentum for your business. And it shows that your business has a soul.

Context allows you to create your human experience from a grounded place of sincerity. Context helps you discover what content works, so you don’t have to seek social media success by mindlessly following others.

When my client Jimmy called me to say he was leaving for Afghanistan in four months, he was more scared to create context around the message for his product than he was to be deployed. He felt that the U.S. Army didn’t do enough about mental health and wellness. He was building an iPhone app called the Army Leader Book, with references and information that would help sergeants take better care of their soldiers.

Jimmy was hesitant to air his message because it challenged the status quo of the Army. Plus, he was overwhelmed with how to clarify his message. But when he stopped being overwhelmed and started letting go of self-limiting beliefs, he transcended his story.

The results? His product flew off the proverbial shelf. Ranking in the Top 100 iTunes apps, Jimmy’s product was featured in the Army Times. There are now more than 20,000 engaged users bringing Jimmy monthly recurring revenue!




Tip to transform your marketing:

Notice how your unique perspective adds meaning to your message. Use this viewpoint to transform your marketing.

3. Are you evolving your ideas?


When you evolve your ideas, you create from a place that’s fully aligned with you. This gives you more ideas, inspiration, and imagination.

Why do you need to evolve your ideas?

In today’s information age, ideas are everything. When you evolve your ideas and make them meaningful to your industry, you provide value. You spark much-needed conversations within your industry.

Tip to evolve your ideas:

If you find it hard to come up with ideas through words, try using another medium such as photography or drawing. Sometimes it takes the energy of a different creative platform to help you tap into the inspiration you seek.

Align your energy. Grow your business.

Are you a brand or publisher who is looking to evolve your ideas?

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