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Why Content Marketing Works

Why Content Marketing Works

November 29, 2012

Content marketing is the buzz word of 2012. And it’ll continue to be important continuing into 2013. Besides thinking about it as an art, what’s all of the buzz about?

Here’s the secret:

1. The buzz is really a whisper.

People get screamed at all day long. Driving to work the radio nudges you to visit w-w-w-dot- whatever – dot – com. Infomercials tell you “wait…there’s more!” Even Starbucks (the only “quiet” time of day) forces you to download the latest song.

The constant noise becomes hype. And what is hype? Unnecessary screaming. We may hear the screaming. But we may not listen to what it’s saying. Not many people love to hear screaming. Do you?

The differentiator in a message can be content marketing if done right. It whispers softly. It stands out from the noise. Because what happens when you hear a whisper?

Your ears perk up. You want to hear the secret message that’s being conveyed.

The soft, secret words in the whispers stand out.

2. These secret whispers need to connect.

Now don’t start whispering in your next video or audio podcast (unless you’re running a 976 business).

The whispering – the contrasting message you create – still needs to connect. A whisper may seduce – but it won’t build trust unless what you say connects.

The whispering builds the contrast. Which then has the potential to create a level of trust. But the trust remains in the distance until the message connects


Trust may be in the distance. But once earned, it produces a ripple effect.

3. These secrets need to be shared.

Can we say oxymoron? The point of a secret is not to share them. But here’s my point:

A real estate broker in the industry for over 30 years has a ton of knowledge. He could hoard all of his secrets. And not share anything. Or he could educate others. And distribute his knowledge about real estate.

Secrets don’t always equate to usefulness. Which is why what we say still needs to matter and connect.

The broker’s secrets must be filled with useful knowledge to others. This, my friends, is what connects.

But he can’t connect if he doesn’t distribute his knowledge. Do you see what I’m getting at?

Don’t be a hoarder.

Share knowledge. You’ll gain credibility in your industry. And possibly respect (unless you’re that 976 business).

4. The knowledge must be valuable to the consumer.

Possessing knowledge doesn’t mean it automatically impacts others. You must distill the crucial points of your knowledge and distribute it in an accessible, engaging way. When it’s done right, it becomes valuable to the consumer and has the potential to impact others.

And as long as it never goes out of date, it’s a great resource for years.

5. Being a great resource leads to customers

Your audience will benefit from accessible, engaging information (content) you share.

And want more. Especially the information you don’t give away for free.

As long as it’s done right.

Do you think content marketing works when done right? Please comment below.