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Why Content that Pulls Paves the Way

Why Content that Pulls Paves the Way

November 14, 2013

If you’re still pushing your customers off a bridge, you may want to rethink this approach. It’s content that pulls that paves the way to a successful business.

Ok, so you’re not really pushing your customers off a bridge. But you may as well be.

“Why would I push my customers off a bridge?!” you may wonder. “I’d never do this!” This happens when you push your products or services onto your customers. And you shout at them. The thing is, you may be doing this without realizing it.


Let’s look at the photo above as an example. The woman is symbolic for traditional advertising channels like TV and radio ads, or billboards. She’s like that loud, obnoxious girl in your high school. You could hear her from down the hall. But only a few people with patience would ever want to listen to what she had to say.

The guy is completely ignoring every word that’s coming out of her megaphone. She’s screaming for attention. But he’s more absorbed in what he’s choosing to read. Because life’s short, and nobody’s got time to listen to other people’s screaming.

Can you blame him?

If you could hear the woman in the photo above, she’d be screaming, “Oh em gee! You must go buy my vintage couch now! It’s perfect because it’s my couch. And my shop is the best vintage furniture shop. Buy now!”

Meanwhile, he’s reading an article that makes him believe in humanity again.

But then, she decides to alter her approach. She creates a blog and uploads the photo below.

vintage sofa

Her product description reads something like, “kick off your heels and luxuriate.” Ahhh. You’re already swept into an oasis. You can feel yourself sitting barefoot on the sofa, pondering your sports team’s recent win, and your weekend plans. And maybe you’re wondering why the heck there’s a pearl necklace on the floor…? Ok, you get the point.

If you want to stay a competitive business owner, you’ll want to learn how to pull your customers into your amazingness with online web content like the sofa example above. This approach does not mean updating your Facebook four times a day about how awesome you (or your vintage couch is).

It means pulling your customers to you through storytelling (because storytelling is not just for kids)! And it means saving your customers from falling off that bridge. It means having a social business strategy to evolve your brand narrative. And it means creating real-time content that does the marketing for you.

When you have the right brand narrative, you don’t need to scream. You can whisper in a quietly confident way. Your customers will still be pulled to you. And you’ll be paving the way to business success.

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