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7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Content is Smart

7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Content is Smart

August 1, 2013

Outsourcing content is key to growing your business in the digital age. It’s the most meaningful way to use media to market your business. But what if you don’t have time? What if you’re not a good writer? And what if you are so overwhelmed with the many other facets of your business, that you don’t know where to start? Take a deep breath. And discover why outsourcing content is smart (and it’s one of the smartest decisions you’ll make with your marketing):

1. When your content is meaningful, then your business becomes more human.

It’s no secret that content humanizes your marketing. It’s the style and tone with how you communicate. And it should play the starring role in your marketing plan.

Meaningful content allows you to convey your business in a certain way. But it’s just one piece of the larger marketing puzzle. You’ll also need a beautiful web design, strong copywriting, a social media presence, and public relations to effectively market your business. When you have the right pieces in place, your strategy forms a beautiful picture.


2. You have better things to do.

If you do everything for your business, and don’t learn to outsource your business will slowly start to run you. Why would you spend an hour (or more) of your day crafting content and learning the latest SEO techniques, when you could do more meaningful things with your time? You could be going for a run on a beautiful day, attending industry events, or planning your trip to Burning Man. Do you really want to be blogging for your business?

Meaningful content is content that’s right for your business. And there’s no cookie-cutter approach. It’s about being human, relatable, and being you. Good content writers know the right questions to ask to bring out the real you to tell your story. And so the real you can do the things that matter.

3. Content brings business.

The right content won’t just bring any business. It’ll bring the right type of clients who you want to work with. It reduces time and resources. And provides quality, affordability, and timeliness.

This article in The Harvard Business Review supports this argument:

“In a world of almost overwhelming abundance, an authentic, meaning-rich story becomes the most important ingredient to drive a company’s margins up.”

4. Content writers know how to tell stories.

Content writers know how to create exceptional content because they:

  • Understand that storytelling is not just for kids.
  • Know how to tell your story in an authentic way.
  • And they’ll do it in a way that brings more quality clients, interesting work, and people who respect you and your time.

This means that your profits often go up (see HBR article above). It may not make all of the bad clients go away. But when you tell your story the right way, you learn how to be more profitable.


 5. It’s the modern-day version of picking up the mic and telling it like it is.

Communicating is the key to everything. When you communicate in a meaningful way, you can have the chutzpah to have a voice. Creating content allows you to showcase that voice. As long as you don’t go off an unnecessary rant every day, content allows you to provide your valuable opinion in your industry. 

6. You’re a business owner, and you’re always learning.

Some days are good, and some days flat-out suck. But you know what? When you work with the right content writers, you’ll learn how to show these multi-faceted sides to your business. Your customers will appreciate your honesty, especially if you get creative through storytelling. Even better when you encourage your audience to create their own stories. That’s when the magic happens. 

7. Publishing content isn’t what it used to be.

Publishing the wrong type of content can get you in a lot of trouble with Google. Faulty SEO practices and black hat strategies (like hidden text, keyword stuffing or faulty link baiting strategies) prove that publishing content that’s not quality can land your business in a big black hole on the Internet.  And it takes a long time to recover.


 you don’t need neon lights to see the warning sign for cheap content mills

Don’t trust a content farm with the content that goes on your site. It’s better to have no content at all than to work with a content mill. The goal of SEO is to provide information-rich content in a way that is naturally weighted by the search engines because it plays by the book. If you’re working with a content mill, they’re not following the rules. And the content is cheap (often as low as $5 or $10 per article). If you think you’re getting a bargain, think again.

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