Why Pinterest is as Addictive as Bath Salts

June 08 2012

The recent rise of Pinterest only means good things for the coming zombie apocalypse. It means more people on their computers instead of purchasing bath salts. Anyone not following this story might be a bit confused. Bath salts are a great way to relax in the tub – but they’re also a form of synthetic cocaine with highly addicting, hallucinogenic-inducing qualities. You know, quite similar to your brain on Pinterest.

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Pinterest is the new kid in town who always seems to have a stash. Its meteoric success in the social media space has it sitting in third place only behind Facebook and Twitter. It’s only been around for two years, but continues to dominate.

Why is Pinterest so addicting?

It’s all about the visual

In a world where everyone is yapping away, Pinterest isn’t screaming for attention through words like its competition. Text is minimal with images as the focal point. But they aren’t just any images. They tend to be jaw-droppingly beautiful.


With Pinterest, if you like a photo, simply RePin it! It’s really that astonishingly easy.

Shhhh! It’s quiet in here

Pinterest is like a well-respected museum or library, where no one makes a peep. It’s a quiet place to seek solace and inspire creativity – where users escape to a distant land far away from the constant statuses, check-ins, and photos on those other networks.


Uploading photos are a cinch. Plus the mobile app is super user-friendly. Pinterest mines all images on whatever website you’re viewing. Either put in the website or upload a photo directly and bada bing – you be pinning.

Many Different Uses

From motivational boards, to gift ideas, to pinning down a job, Pinterest can serve many different functions.

Fashion Statement

What you pin sometimes says more about you than a Facebook post or Twitter update ever could. Pinning your passions, whether it’s dresses, shoes, cute animals, or exotic locales reveals personality in a beautiful way.

 How do you use Pinterest? Do you find it addicting and fun? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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