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Why There’s Magic in Technology

Why There’s Magic in Technology

December 27, 2012

The end of the year brings magic. Which I strive to see no matter how old I get.

Magic isn’t always easy to see. But that’s ok. Because seeing for me, despite the name, isn’t merely visual:

We’re surrounded by limits, by disasters (natural and otherwise) and by pessimism. Some people see in this opportunity a chance to draw (with any sort of metaphorical pen) something. Others see in it a chance to hide, to settle and to sigh.

Each of us has our own unique perspective. And allowing others a window into that world is an art. Because it needs to be brought to life. And released into the world.
Technology alone may not be considered an art. Platforms like Google and Wolfram Alpha are merely tools. These tools can make sense of the pile of facts better than humans. But we need to be able to comprehend the magic in what we see from it. Because there’s still some magic left in humanity.
Humans do not think in terms of probability (like technology does). We are cause-effect thinkers.

We can either view technology like it’s no big deal. And it’s always been there. Or we can integrate it with a human element to create magic.

Bring more magic to your journey. View life through a different lens. Build a vision. Be human. Create art. Then think about the effects you create.

You never know where it’ll lead.