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Why You Need a Content Plan

Why You Need a Content Plan

September 20, 2021

Even if the CEO of your company is an excellent writer, planning your content with professionals is always a good idea.

In my experience, culture (or lack of it) kills unique content because the CEO will think he/she should sound formal and/or corporate to please the shareholders (oh, the irony).

This looks like:

  • Stock photos with cliché captions
  • Boring articles that lack vision
  • No engagement on social media

Well-run companies know how to speak to their people.

Your CEO may want to use words like “penultimate,” for example. Words like “penultimate” make your customers tune out. And tuned out customers make you next-to-last (see what I did there?)

Content writing agencies know how to get inside the minds of your customers to amplify and distribute your message. This catapults businesses into the spotlight (and it’s often much more cost-effective than a PR company).

A dynamic content plan helps you amplify your message.

But you don’t want to amplify just any message.

Use your content to build strong relationships throughout the company to help unify your narrative. This helps to boldly express your mission both internally and externally.

Content allows you to create a meaningful culture.

Think of your product as “doing a job” to get you from point A to point B; the content that your company creates (and how you market that content) is what facilitates the journey.

Shifting the market perception of a company requires a solid content plan. When you conceptualize, create and distribute content with a plan, you create experiences. Plus, you more easily sell your product or services.

The right content plan, in turn, becomes a win for your company culture. And a win for the world.