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8 Reasons To Publish Quality Content

8 Reasons To Publish Quality Content

June 13, 2013

“Publish or perish” is a term started in academia that describes the pressure to regularly publish academic work to sustain or further one’s career. The whole “perish” thing may or may not be an exaggeration. I wouldn’t know. I published my Master’s thesis…and then I perished from academia. But I digress…

“Publish or perish” more so fits the media and marketing worlds of today. Publishing high-quality content is the imperative if you want your business to stay ahead.

But there’s one caveat: More content is not always better. The key is to publish quality content.

Here’s why:

1. It naturally markets your business.

Creating high-quality content on a blog (or hiring someone to do so), is the key to growing in today’s digital world. When you talk about your industry in an authoritative way (and when you have a content marketing strategy in place), you naturally attract customers. Plus, as much as you may love curating your way to quality content, you’ll eventually need content of your own to stay ahead.

2. It encourages link building.

And link building ends up making it easier for your business to be found in search:

Creating content on a consistent basis not only builds links internally (by linking out from your posts), but it also gives you the ability to build links naturally, because content is your greatest asset when attracting links…You absolutely need a blog in today’s online environment to survive.


3. It’s the holistic approach.

And holistic marketing matters because it’s meaningful. It doesn’t pit content marketing against SEO…because it’s not one or the other that gets results. It’s the combination of both.

4. Content generates inbound leads.

Content-based marketing done right generates leads. This is much better for the bottom line than merely “increasing brand awareness” or getting pageviews.

5. Content stimulates the idea muscles.

Often clients come to me that have previously engaged with traditional agencies – with only mediocre results. Why? Traditional PR companies often lack ideas. And ideas are the foundation for quality media creation.

6. It can be more cost effective than advertising.
Advertising is often flash in a pan. If you spend $5,000 on an ad campaign, it’s gone, forever. But if that $5,000 were spent on creating useful and informative content, it’ll always be useful to your customers. And it simultaneously increases the value of your website and increases the ratio of returning visitors.


7. You can choose your platform.

Don’t choose a platform because everyone is on it. Choose the platform that works with your strengths, not against them. If you’re a better speaker than a writer, hire a ghostwriter or create an audio podcast series instead.

8. Media companies are ready and willing to help. 

If you’re like many business owners, you don’t have time to create content yourself. What you’d really like is for a company to create meaningful media that will generate more business for you.

When you hire a forward-thinking media company that stays ahead of the trends, you start to think differently. And when you think differently:

  • You learn how to tell better stories.
  • When you tell better stories, you become a better business.
  • And when you become a better business, you make more money.

Do you publish quality content? Why or why not? Please comment below. 

I run Jessica Ann Media, a New Jersey-based marketing and media company that humanizes businesses through quality content. I can be hired as your personal Creative Director when you’re ready to create meaningful content that tells your story across all major media platforms. Set up a 30- minute introductory call with me here.