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8 Tips to Create Content That Entertains

8 Tips to Create Content That Entertains

May 28, 2013

Companies today need to vie for attention not only from traditional sources, but newer media giants like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Yes, people turn to online media just as much if not more than the traditional outlets. There’s a lot of content competition. And there are only a few right ways to cut through the clutter.

One way that won’t cut it? Creating content for the sake of creating content. The better approach is to ask questions, get the opt-in and talk with your customers first. Then the key is to listen and educate. It should be a two-way conversation with customers who really want to hear what you have to say.

One example of a brand that uses two-way communication with their content is Warby Parker. They transform a product that could easily be boring (prescription eyewear and sunglasses) and make it come alive through fun, entertaining content. The brand proactively listens to their customers and finds ways to keep them entertained.

One way that Warby did this recently was through creating personalized video content for one customer. Here’s the Twitter stream and the ensuing video for background.

Welcome to the modern day form of entertainment.

If you want your company to create content that entertains (like Warby Parker), keep these eight tips in mind:

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  1. Communicate through multi-channels.

This particular conversation started on the phone, went to Twitter and ended on YouTube. Don’t assume that your customers stop interacting with your business after a phone call. Keep the conversations going through all different channels. But make sure that the customer has expressed enthusiasm or interest for your brand or industry. Many companies today interject sales pitches into conversations. This can often lead to negative impressions of your brand.

2. Listen.

Make sure that you know if and when customers talk about you online, so that you can respond quickly and seek out opportunities. Marketing software does this well.

3. Quickly respond.

The YouTube video response from Warby Parker went up mere hours after the customer’s first tweet. Direct access to customers through social media allows this to happen. Take advantage of the new ways to communicate today.

4. Entertain.

Make the content entertaining not only for your customers but also for anyone else who may consume the content. This leads to brand awareness and fun experiences for all. It becomes content that fascinates.

5. Do the unexpected.

In the Warby Parker example, the customer would have never expected to see the woman he talked to on the phone on a YouTube video made exclusively for him. It’s completely unexpected. And that much more appreciated.

6. Offer freedom.

Allow employees to be the face of the brand. It also acts as a fun way to recruit without blatantly recruiting.


Photo credit: stuckincustoms

7. Create a unique experience.

Taking a simple interaction to create a unique experience allows a brand to connect in a human way. This in itself is offering value. If you can inform and educate during the experience, it’s even better.

8. Be remarkable.

It’s how you turn fans into brand evangelists.

Content that connects through human interactions leads to positive attention. More attention often leads to more potential sales. More potential profit leads to happy customers, employees and a brand that stays relevant. A brand that stays relevant wins, every time.

Do you entertain with your content? Please comment below.