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Does PR stand for Publicity Rut?

November 4, 2011

In a world where PR is now better known as “Publicity Rut” than Public Relations, it’s easy to think that PR is over. We’ve all seen those posts: PR is Dead. Done. But now it’s even more important than any other time. Why?

Reaching your customer base through quality communications is crucial to keeping them happy. Disgruntled customers means negative publicity through the social media echo chamber. And that chamber is much louder than the volume on your rotary telephone.

In the digital world, many business activities occur online. This has given birth to the new-ish term “Online Reputation Management.” There are that help control how one looks on the interwebs. Call it PR 2.0, or whatever you want. PR has changed.

Staying relevant in the communications industry requires communications professionals to embrace these changes. Ask questions. If the organizational culture refuses to embrace it now, learn anyway. Don’t get too comfortable with inertia. Harness the wisdom of the crowds and make your organization a true thought leader. What do you have to lose?