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How Do You Measure Success?

How Do You Measure Success?

November 15, 2011

One of my favorite questions I like to ask companies is, “How do you measure your success?” Sometimes I get detailed responses. More often than not? Blank stares.

I try to gain as much insight as I can as to how I’ve succeeded (or failed) both professionally and personally on a regular basis. Some people can’t handle the truth. I crave it. Without it, how can you improve?

In order to redefine what your best work will be in the future, it’s important to harness our raw talent and analyze data. Of course, this takes time and effort. Fortunately, there’s great technology available today that tracks our progress. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Analytics. For website statistics, it doesn’t get better than Google Analytics. Instead of loathing the weekly analytics report like your , use the data to learn what’s going right and wrong on your site. Don’t just insert numbers into a document. Analyze the numbers and bring life to it.

2. Time Sink. If you spend hours on your Macbook and wonder where the time goes, now you can actually know. Time Sink keeps track of how long you’ve been surfing the web, editing in Photoshop, or Skyping with friends. Time management doesn’t get better than this, folks.

3. Garmin. If you’re a runner or walker, the Garmin 405 should become your new best friend. I invested in this guy before my first marathon and it’s been one of my most favorite purchases. It tells me how fast I’m running, mileage, calories, and I even use it as a Virtual Partner. For example, I enter that I’d like to run an 8:30 minute mile and it’ll tell me whether I’m ahead or behind the target mile, or virtual person. The best part? It wirelessly transmits all of my data onto Garmin Connect where I can compare/analyze all of my runs. Here is data for one of my recent runs in Holmdel Park, NJ.

4. Budget Workbook. When I learned how easy it is to keep track of expenses due to the Budget Workbook, I learned to love it. I started with the free trial and then quickly became addicted to the knowledge of learning where my money goes. Now I can easily set monthly budgets. I don’t dread paying bills as much.

Once you track your data it’s important to review and analyze it in order to determine how to operate differently in the future. Success should be easy. Measuring it should be too.

What are some of your favorite tracking tools?