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4 Ways Email Marketing Works for eCommerce

4 Ways Email Marketing Works for eCommerce

August 30, 2012
If you’re an eCommerce business and don’t yet have a blog, email marketing is the most important way to communicate with customers. Or, rather the only way to communicate directly with customers in the digital age. So why not start an email newsletter campaign? Here are a few reasons why email marketing works, especially for eCommerce businesses:

 1) Organization

Email newsletter services keep customers organized in one system. No more digging through old files, or searching through the back end of your online store for info about your customers. Email newsletter services do this for you.
2) More Effective Communication
Making phone calls to customers can be time consuming and inefficient the larger you grow. Instead of assuming what your customers want, you’ll know for sure. Or at least have better super powers than before. Email campaigns integrate with analytics so you can see which emails get opened. This gives you a better idea as to what products or services your customers are interested in.
3) A Built-in Engaged Audience
Easily exporting customer contact info is as easy as 1, 2, 3. When you decide to take the plunge into other forms of content marketing (such as blogging or white papers), you’ll already have a readership.
4) Business referrals
Previous customers can easily forward your blog posts or email newsletters to friends. If you’re in a niche industry this works wonders. Info about your product will grow organically – leading to more sales.
Have you tried email marketing? Does it help your business? Please comment below.