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How Humanity Gives Your Marketing an Edge

How Humanity Gives Your Marketing an Edge

December 27, 2016

You can give humanity a marketing edge by publishing quality content. But if you’re turning into an automated machine, you’re missing the point. Your marketing needs an edge. And an edge can come from your long-term vision.

But using technology to supplement your vision can often have reverse effects. Especially if that technology isn’t being managed or measured by a human.

And even if your tools or technology is being measured by a human, do you question?

Or do you simply become a cog in the system, trapped inside the systems that you create?

fenced out

are you fenced out of your own systems?

As much as we are control freaks when it comes to engineering, where this is going toward is loss of control. The more we automate, the more we don’t know what’s going to come out of it.


If you’re a human running a business, time is running out to create the technologies and tools you need to gain a competitive edge. And a competitive edge is a must to growing in today’s digital world.

So, how can you use a data-driven approach to marketing but still remain human?

You’ve got to focus on the humanities.

The humanities study human culture, using methods that are primarily analytical, critical, or speculative, and having a significant historical element.

This is important because let’s face it: a lot of software is made directly for the good of an institution – not for the good of humanity. And there’s a sense of “checking a box” with technology today.

Checking a box maintains the status quo. It’s a gratifying symbol for moving forward.

But are you really moving forward? Or are you focusing on the bells and whistles for the sake of it?

If you’re not sure, ask yourself these questions:

  • If you tweet a lot, but you automate all of your tweets, how does that create meaningful communication?
  • If you want to create more content but focus on cheap tactics instead of quality, where will your website (and business) be in a year? (hint: there’s a good chance it won’t be around).
  • If you put out an ad because you want a quick win (or just want to check a box), how are you contributing to the conversation in a way that resonates?
  • Does your ad inspire, uplift, or make your customers think in a different way? Does it really bring in business? If not, why are you still pushing it? No one cares but you…and the checkbox.
  • If you prefer to focus on short-term results, why?

Long-term results require perseverance. And perseverance is what wins. But it’s a skill that’s often lacking today. Why?

The tools and technology of today are made for instant gratification. They’re cheap. They’re efficient. They’re automated.

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But the proper use of the tools by a human? It’s priceless. Why?

When you’re human, you gain knowledge and bridge gaps. You can use this knowledge to make meaningful media to market your business. You can connect and collaborate.

When you collaborate, you become forward-thinking.

When you’re forward-thinking, you become unconventional.

When you’re unconventional, you break the rules.

And when you break the rules, you gain a competitive edge with your business – with or without checking a box.