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How to Craft Compelling Audio Content

How to Craft Compelling Audio Content

August 26, 2013

Pop quiz: This activity you do every day can be efforts:

(cue the Jeopardy music).

If you said, “what is talk,” you win! (and I’m not even Alex Trebek). Here’s why:

When you talk, you create audio (brilliant concept, right?) It is a pretty simple. But publishing compelling, quality audio content is often made a lot more complex.


Futurist Gerd Leonard believes that the future of media is through content and creativity. If we look towards the future of content, in particular, audio will play a big role. Google Glass is paving the way with a vibrating element that provides audio to the wearer via contact with the user’s head.

The Minority Report era may be here but have no fear. Learn how to use it to your advantage. While there may not be a need for Google’s bone sound vibration for your business (unless you’re a navigation company), you can certainly take advantage of where we’re heading with technology. Here’s how:

1. Understand that audio is one of the most intimate, effective ways to communicate with customers.

It makes your business human, and it makes your product or service come alive. It also creates transparency. And if you decide to create audio podcasts to show your knowledge with your industry, you’re literally using your authentic voice.â

A leader in the field is Mitch Joel, who consistently releases audio content each week for his Six Pixels of Separation podcast. He has conversations about digital marketing and media. The quality of the audio itself and the in-depth interviews are great examples of quality content (I interviewed Mitch Joel here on Episode 29 of The Art of Humanity).


2. Invest in Quality Equipment

Expensive Sennheiser mics may be out of your budget. But that doesn’t mean you have to create low-quality. We highly recommend that you not use the built-in mics that come on your computer. The majority of the time, they produce low-quality audio (yes even the mics that come with your expensive Macbook).

Invest a small amount of money into a microphone that has usb output that connects to your computer for digital recording. I’ve had great experiences with this Audio Technica mic, and also use professional headphones to edit.

GarageBand is a good option to record the audio if you have a Mac. The equipment that you use can make or break the quality. Don’t let a few bucks here or there get in your way.

3. Create a content strategy

Put a content strategy in place that integrates content, search, and social.  And plan to repurpose.

Remember that creating and publishing audio content is a long-term process. Put a plan in place that allows you to record the audio on one date, edit on another, and then publish (publishing weeks later is always a good idea to give yourself time). Even if you think you have a strategy in place, plan even more. Creating audio content is time-intensive and expensive. Know what you’re getting into, and collaborate with others if you have limited resources.

4. Market and Distribute Your Audio Content

Getting featured on the iTunes splash page is a quick and fun way to get some attention. Apple provides tips for the most likely ways this can happen. But before you go forward, you’ll need to first submit and get approved to the iTunes by following these guidelines.

Do you want to get started with audio content, but not sure where to start with your strategy? 

Whether you want to create audio content or written content, my team and I can help you craft content that makes an impact on your business.

Email me and say hi: jessica at jessica ann media dot com