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How to Create Amazing Content

How to Create Amazing Content

December 5, 2013

You want to create amazing content that humanizes your brand. You need content with je ne sais quoi that gets customers to convert. But let’s be real: You don’t have time to maintain a blog, and keep your business running. And you especially don’t have time to learn French to understand what “je ne sais quoi” really means.

Creating amazing content is more than writing words on a website. It requires time to create art…

Content marketing is an art. The concept of marketing has been flipped on its head. It’s no longer what that you do. It’s who you are. It’s what you create.

Here are some tips for how you can create amazing content that’s true to who you are:

1. Integrate your work and play

Creating content is a lot more fun when you can truly be yourself. When you’re yourself, you can tell stories. And when you tell stories, your content marketing is holistic and comes alives.

Did you just return from a trip? Are you recovering from a long weekend with family? Did you have an interesting experience at your local coffee shop?

Your stories are your strengths. When you integrate your work and play, you give yourself permission to create amazing content for your business. It gives you more creativity to create content. And creativity? It’s the best (and sometimes only) way to stand out.


2. Create conversations

Markets are conversations. This concept isn’t new. But so many businesses forget its value.

Creating conversations is super important. You need to create conversations with your customers to create amazing content. Your content needs to cause some type of reaction. And when you can create conversations that cause reactions you can…

3. Get dirty. And have fun


You are a pro-fess-ional (said in an overly pretentious way). And the word “professional” may remind you of stodgy suits, big vocabulary words, and 3-hour meetings that make you feel oh-so-important (but yet entirely bored with your life). Where is there a place for…fun?


If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. Sorry. (Not sorry. No. Not in the least bit).

You see, here’s the thing:

You only have one life. And you have choices…choices! Stop waiting on the traditional systems of yesterday to save you. The tools are in front of you to create your own platform and pave your own path.

When you have fun with what you’re creating, your culture comes alive. Oh, and bonus: sales happen more naturally, too.

Show off your amazing personality by creating fun, engaging content. It shows you’re a leader in your industry. And leaders make an impact with their business (and make more money!)

4. Focus on one type of content. And do it. Do it well.

Your blog is the most important channel for your content marketing efforts. If you want to start creating content, but you’re not sure where to start, a blog is your answer.

A blog is the cornerstone for your business. And when you create written content, it can exist on the Internet forever, and get picked up by the Google. And who doesn’t want to be on the Google?

For more on blogging and your business, check out these presentation slides from a course I teach.

5. Read Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Ok. I’ll be honest. I didn’t initially like Gary Vaynerchuck. He seemed to be everywhere. And everyone was drinking his kool-aid. But then…I dug a little deeper, and learned he was from New Jersey. And that you see, changes everything.

Just kidding. It takes more than a man from Jersey to win my heart and mind. It takes wine. And Gary Vee? He has a library full of wine.

I had the chance to meet him over the Thanksgiving weekend at his Wine Library in north New Jersey. He was super fun, down to earth. And I was like, “oh, hai Gary Vee. I used to not like you. But now I do.”

I didn’t say that. I was a little shy. But not shy enough to get a photo with him:


Read his book. The case studies will make you cringe. Make you laugh. Make you think differently about how to tell your story in a noisy social world. It’s quality reading, folks. Pick it up and devour it. You won’t be sorry.

Do you need help with content marketing? Do content marketing avec moi (that’s French for “with me” in case you were wondering). See? Look at how I’m already saving you time. Seriously, check it out.