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How To Paint Your Walls with Colorful Content

How To Paint Your Walls with Colorful Content

June 10, 2013

Some businesses use their website like a brochure. They spray information, and then pray that someone sees it. They keep doing the same thing, expecting different results. And then when those results don’t happen, they might even pay for an advertisement with the hope that this will be the answer.

The problem is that these modes of communication don’t work like they once did.

Why? One reason is because of color. And not the Crayola type. Let me explain:

Just as you can add color to a space to instantly change the mood, colorful content can liven up your message and provide context when used right. It seems simple but this is often overlooked.


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Businesses who use irrelevant pop up ads that push their message onto their customers are missing the point. Sure, paid ads may increase awareness for their brand. But is it done in a meaningful way to the customers? Or is it more meaningful to the business that’s running it? Hint: it’s almost always the latter.

High-quality content is one way to offer meaning on both sides of the equation. And it can be a cost-effective way to spruce up your digital walls. Customers are more apt to notice the beautiful, bright blue walls that are painted mindfully. And they’re more than likely to turn away from the dizzying wallpaper that was carelessly hung. Why?

The wallpaper may make noise. But it doesn’t make you want to listen, or spend any time in that room.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into better SEO, or unique content that entertains. If your visitors can’t see the beauty of your brand written on the wall, the spaghetti won’t stick.

Here are three easy ways to inject your content with color:

  • Use breaking news in your industry and offer your perspective. Sharing your insights on an issue helps your true voice to come out. For example, when Alicia Keys became the Global Director of Blackberry, boy did I have an opinion. So I wrote about it. It was relevant and useful news for my clients (who are into tech and gadgets). And I had the chance to rant in an informative way. It’s a win-win.


  • Use movie references or well-known songs. If your blog post is too meaningful, or your insights go a bit too deep, why not lighten up the mood with a good ole’ fashioned YouTube clip? You know you’ve always wanted to find a way to work “watcha talkin bout Willis?” into a blog post. Now’s your chance.
  • Not sure how to inject color in a tasteful way? Hire someone who knows how to do it right. Content-based marketing is an art and a science. The experts who do it know how to measure. And more importantly, they get results.

How do you inject color into your content? Please comment below.

This post originally appeared on the Vocus blog.