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Episode 1: Jeff Pulver on being vulnerable and open

April 14, 2015

I’m so, so so beyond excited to launch my very first episode of The Art of Humanity, a weekly 30-minute podcast that explores creativity and consciousness with artists, leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs.

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Jeff Pulver

Episode 1: Internet Pioneer Jeff Pulver

Here’s more about Episode 1 with Internet Pioneer Jeff Pulver 

Jeff Pulver is one of the pioneers of the VoIP industry. A globally renowned thought leader, author and entrepreneur, Jeff endlessly contributes to the evolution of the Internet.

In this episode, Jeff and I discuss how vulnerability and mindfulness interconnect with technology and spirituality. We also talk about:

  • Jeff’s early influences in life, and why he wanted to connect the world together
  • How radio gave him the chance to connect and engage with people from all walks of life
  • The paradox of vulnerability and strength
  • How music and lyrics guide his life
  • How to allow yourself to connect to your flow and have the confidence to “just Be.”
  • The spiritual moments that happen by being outdoors in Nature

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