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The QUANTUM approach to building a successful podcast

Guiding Leaders To Start and Scale Their Podcast Into a Globally Recognized Media Empire With Our Growth Strategy
How To Start or Scale Your Podcast to Become a Globally Recognized Show
This program is your field guide to the new paradigm. It contains everything you need to succeed.
Learn how to position yourself as an influencer, set up your podcast so that you’re thriving, create an aligned, purpose-driven personal brand that attracts high paying clients (or even investors) consistently, and how to grow your following to ensure you achieve maximum impact.
We give you the click by click, step by step implementation as well as plenty of feedback from us each week, and a community to support you through the process.

The Brand Building Accelerator Of A Lifetime

In Profitable Podcast, you will be just as inspired by the person you’re learning with as the faculty teaching you.
That’s because we attract some of the world’s most amazing leaders, thinkers and doers.
The best part is—you’ll gain access to and begin implementing groundbreaking tools and strategies that will enable you to create the life of your dreams. You’ll work with a world-renowned team to achieve massive breakthroughs in every area of your life.
We want to illuminate the podcast path for you to create your own powerful show.

It's A Curated Tribe Of Game Changing Leaders

Patrick Cooke,
Conscious Sobriety Coach

Jessica! That was an absolutely 🔥🔥🔥 session yesterday. Right after our call I enrolled a new client at $3800. It's a frequency! Thank you. I am SO excited about BEING!!! And GAME BEING!!❤️
I'm about to walk on the beach and listen to your Jim Rutt episode. Stoked!

Heather Grzych,
Host of Wisdom of the Body podcast

My podcast now has 10,000 downloads! There is no way I’d be able to build my audience so quickly and efficiently on my own. You’ve thought of everything to get me started and have been there every step of the way to support me.
Thank you.

Nikki Trott,
Host of Going Conscious podcast

Jessica helped me to get everything on track not only for my podcast but for the core of my brand. Without Jessica’s expert guidance, it would have taken me so much longer to build my audience. I’m so grateful for her support!

6 figure deal with Spotify within one year of launch.
Deals with iHeart Radio and Himalaya

Network Partnerships

New and notable

Being ranked as an Apple New and Notable.


Stitcher has even promoted our podcasts to climb the charts!

Vouched for by Industry Influencers

What’s Included?

The Conscious Content Creator

What’s Included?


Week 1:

The Road to Oz. Identify Your Onlyness, Map Your Brand’s Mythology, & Mission Statement. Activate Your Voice through a Voice Chakra Meditation. Look into the Archetypes that Haunt Your Higher Consciousness to Determine Your Brand’s Offer: Coaching, Consulting, Online Program or Event.

Week 2:

Embrace the Value You Bring to the World: High-Level Overview of the Equipment, Interfaces and Recording Devices that we recommend (along with why we do *not* recommend Zoom. We also discuss whether to do an interview or solo episode plus the difference between YouTube and podcasting

Week 3:

Spark Transformation through Self-Knowledge. We go over the visual and audio branding: everything from your podcast cover artwork to how to find the best podcast theme music for your show, how to know what podcast music you’re allowed to use, and where to find the best tracks, both free and paid. We also cover hosting: where and how to host your podcast.

Week 4:

Business Models. We explore our Business Model Plan and also talk about critical selling and rapid prototyping, so that you can start moving forward with this plan ASAP. And, ideally start earning revenue from it as quickly as possible.

Week 5:

RSS & Distribution. Trailer and Platforms to Publish

Week 6:

Pitch Materials + Editorial Calendar. 1-sheet + website.

Week 7:

Activate Launch Support + Mindset Alignment

Week 8:

Launch + Evolve

Week 9:

Marketing and Iterate Your Podcast to Create the Ultimate “Conscious Creator” Experience


2 Live Weekly Q&A’s



hour weekly group calls
Each week jump on one of the 2 hour weekly group calls to have 1:1 support to have your questions answered, get support and feedback from Jessica and Jeremiah and the community


hours total of hot seat coaching over the course of 12 months

Weekly Calls


at 3pm PST/6pm EST


at 11am PST/2pm EST

14 Day Action Backed Guarantee

Our program is proven with entrepreneurs, professional athletes, celebrities from all over the world getting results;
However, if you’re still unsure about joining we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee;
Try the program risk free and if you’re not happy with it ask for a refund within 14-days and we’ll refund you in full;
Refunds after 14 days will not be honored.


It's No Accident You Are Here

Every choice you have made, every step you have taken, every experience you have called to yourself, has prepared for you and led you right here.
You are exactly where you are meant to be.
Something deep within you yearns for what you are about to find.

It’s Time For You To Receive What You’ve Been Asking For

The life that resonates to the core of your being and satiates you on a cellular level – the one you were born to live.
The podcast that aligns with your heart
The lifestyle that provides freedom and abundance.
The health that sustains you with energy, clarity, vitality.
The tribe that knows and recognizes you as their own.

Ready? Let’s talk.

Whether it’s to discuss branding, marketing, business - or something else – I can help get you on the right track.

No sales speak. No pressure.

Just genuine curiosity to learn about your company’s vision
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