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How to Practice What You Preach

How to Practice What You Preach

February 6, 2015

You either have to be 1) Gandhi or 2) the most cliché person in the world to write a headline like this. Breaking news: I’m neither. But I’m pretty good at Gandhi-ing what I know about (and more often…what I don’t know). Whether you’re a practicer, preacher, teacher, or all of the above, here’s how to practice what you preach:

1. Don’t preach. Practice.

Practicing what you preach is 99% practice. 1% preaching.


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Ahh, that’s the irony of preaching. You want to preach! You were secretly hoping this article would say here’s how to PREACH and…boom! Steps 1, 2, and 3. You want to preach because it’ll make you feel good.

But here’s the thing: unless you’re the son of a preacher man, no one wants you to preach. Deep down you know this. But it hurts. Because you really, really, really want to tell people what you know. Because you know a lot.

I get it. It’s more reassuring to think of yourself as an expert preacher than a non-expert practicer. But you must first realize that the person you’re preaching to wants to hear what you have to say in the first place (most often he/she doesn’t). And then when you realize that none of it matters, you can surrender into the art of being more you. This reflects inwards as a more joyful existence, one that’s independent from the outcome of your interactions with others. This sounds selfish at first. But after you overcome the reality that “none of it is real” you can set yourself free.

2. Don’t doubt what you desire. Devour it.

I used to refrain from doing things that brought me true joy because I didn’t fit into the little box that others wanted me to exist in. I viewed them as “wrong” or “weird.” And I’d often let the opinions of others hold me back. But then I shifted my mindset, and it all became so stupidly simple: the opinions of others don’t affect my reality. And it’s from this new mindset that I finally gave myself permission to feel free.

The moment that you let go of the story of who you think you are or should be, is the moment that you’re free.

And it’s from this place of freedom where you can start cutting to the core, and creating content with context to grow your business.

3. Open your heart

Opening your heart means that you may lose your mind.

It’s ok.

Don’t question what you desire (refer back to #2).

When you open your heart, it becomes easier to think, feel, focus. You’re not working from a place of ego. You’re working from your true strength – you. There’s only one human who has your vibration. Get so aligned with the Universe that you exist in a place where inspiration calls to you in each moment. Exist in this intensity. You’ll radiate harmony, beauty, and bliss. You’ll have the confidence to truly be in your body. And you’ll be at peace with the whole world – a world that’s calling you to show up – with your full, open heart.

hearts are wild

Your mind won’t protect you (but your ribs will).

4. Don’t escape. Evolve.

I used to think escaping was the ultimate nirvana.

Escape has been a long-running theme in my life:

In high school, I couldn’t wait to escape to college.

In college, I couldn’t wait to escape into a job.

In a job, I couldn’t wait to quit (or get fired).

And then I realize in retrospect that I haven’t been escaping…I’ve been evolving. Escaping is removing yourself from reality. Evolving is placing yourself into reality…so that you can transform yourself to get to where you need to be next, fully aligned with the core of your desires.

The beauty of this concept is that where you exist right now is exactly where you need to be.

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5. Follow-through

Follow-through gives you and your business momentum. And momentum is one of the scariest, most fun experiences in the world.

Momentum allows you to consistently elevate your results. It allows you to make sure that you’re consciously contributing to the world at a higher level.

But what often holds people back from follow-through is the right mindset. The right mindset helps you gain clarity around who you are, your strengths, and who you need on your team. This means that you’ll get the courage that you need to write on your blog and be you – in the most authentic way.

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