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January 26, 2014

Why do some humans have that je ne sais quoi, and others don’t?

It’s not because they speak French (although a French accent never hurts). It’s often because they have a savvy someone in their corner (who just so happens to know French).

I empower people and brands to live their Truth through authenticity. 

I can help you if you are:

  • Not sure how to attract the right clients
  • Not yet aligned with your life purpose
  • Starting a brand spanking new business

Reach out to me to:

  • Get out of your overwhelm
  • Build engaged fans around your work (and get more social media shares)
  • Authentically connect with people who want to work with you

Who am I?


Hi, I’m Jessica. I help visionary leaders create a vehicle to reach hundreds of thousands of their ideal clients. I’ve worked with hundreds of CEO’s and marketing executives to help them make more money, and get more confidence around their message.

Over the past nine years, I built a powerful blog, got paid to write on high-profile websites, and built a loyal, engaged audience.

I’ll guide you how to reinvent your life and business in an authentic way, with grace and ease. 

Love from previous clients:

Todd Werginz, CEO of Aeon Analytics

I've brought in more clients and clarified my messaging. Jessica is the best asset that my business could have and I cannot recommend her enough.

Jorge Alarcon, CEO, Outgoing Travel

Working with Jessica helped me bring in new revenue for my business. Her knowledge combined with her positive personality helped me generate A TON of new leads and connections. Work with her only if you want to make more money!

Mike Sabatino, CEO, Care Promotions

I'm now a lot more confident that I'm providing value to my customers and making an impact in the world.

Jon Kragh, Founder, Challenge Pals

Jessica asks amazing questions - and then listens to provide a tailored strategy that has tremendously improved my business. She is invaluable!

My qualifications 

I’ve consulted over 1,000 hours helping my clients design and launch lives they love. With over 15 years of dedicated personal study and development in the fields of spirituality, communications, philosophy, and energy healing, I have been soulfully engaged in the art of humanity.

Ready to Begin?


This is the perfect place to start if you’ve never worked with me before. At the end of the session, if you’d like more time together, we can discuss other package options to further our work.

How this works

24/7 email access to Jessica
Live 1:1 zoom calls throughout the experience
Specific Inquiries and homework to assist with the process
3 month containers available – Longer mentoring options available after completion
A safe, personalized and confidential container for you to explore

questions? email

Date: book at your convenience

Location: virtual

Price: $222