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Reality Creation through Content Creation 

Reality Creation through Content Creation 

July 8, 2018

Over my career I’ve been an academic, a journalist, a marketer. But each one of these roles felt limiting in its own way. The one aspect of all of these roles that seamlessly aligned with my heart and mind was the concept of reality creation.

Stay with me here:

Fourteen years ago I saw the documentary “What the Bleep Do We Know?” It was the only movie I’ve ever gone to alone. I remember sitting in the back row feeling self-conscious that I didn’t have a date or anyone to sit next to me.

I craved popcorn. But I didn’t get any because I thought I’d choke on a popcorn kernel and die alone in the back of the theater. If I was alone, who would give me the Heimlich? I had severe social anxiety at the time. The fact that I went out in public by myself was a miracle.

But that wasn’t the only miracle.

The gist of the documentary was how emotional and existential obstacles are a part of the individual and group consciousness, which influences the material world. Suddenly, the world of quantum physics and consciousness illuminated my existence. I shed some of the core beliefs that kept me hostage inside of my own identity. Instead of having an endless existential crisis, I started to use my struggles as an opportunity to evolve.

I shifted my core beliefs about myself and how I fit into the world.

I learned about epigenetics which is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. Factors like what you eat, where you live, who you interact with, when you sleep, and how you exercise all cause chemical modifications around the genes that will turn these genes on or off over time.

Genes turning on and off? I needed to know more about this weird world.

“We are not victims of our genes, but masters of our fates, able to create lives overflowing with peace, happiness, and love.” — Bruce Lipton.

My identity shifted because I formed a new lens of reality. My reality transformed as a result.

Core beliefs structure your identity.

But it’s not easy to get out of the Matrix. We’re fed advertisements to make us feel like we’re never good enough. We feel like we need to buy the right clothes, drive the coolest car, and live in the biggest home. When we realize that these are all lies meant to keep us distracted from doing the deep inner self-work, we start to wake up.

I started to focus on basic self-care like turning off the news, yoga, and meditation. This helps you to achieve a different frame of reference, one that’s bathed in positivity, self-love, and gratitude.

What the Bleep Do We Know?

The documentary that I watched 14-years ago reveals the cellular, molecular and quantum worlds that are beneath everything. After the movie, I had to learn more.

I walked across the street to the bookstore to peruse the books, seeking more knowledge about these deep, metaphysical concepts. Exploring the cosmos, consciousness, and how our thoughts become things became my obsession.

I found nothing.

While there were a few books that looked interesting, the self-help section looked like Chicken Soup for the Soul and the stereotypical, cliched material. Nothing excited me. Everything seemed trite. Banal. Pointless. I needed a book that explained the meaning of our existence. I needed a “How To” manual for life.

I walked home without a book. But I set the intention to find a book — any book — about this topic so that I could absorb the concepts in the written word.

The next day my wish came true

The next day I walked in the door at my job to a package in the shape of — you guessed it — a book! I peeled the cardboard wrapping off and I laughed to myself. It was the book that explained more about the concepts that I was seeking the night before: Coming to Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

This example may seem like happenstance. But it’s one of the many synchronistic events that transpired after my perspective shifted.

Be the CEO of your life.

I may be the CEO of a content marketing business. But to me, CEO stands for Creative Emotional Officer. An executive is someone that “has the power to put plans, actions, or laws into effect” but all of that “executing” is meaningless without creativity, soul and emotion behind your brand.

Alignment is beyond the mind.

When you temporarily suspend the outdated beliefs that are fed to you through an external force (like the media), your awareness opens to a new perspective. This is not hippie hype. It’s leading-edge science and research that I incorporate into my own life. For example, last month I spent six days off-the-grid in the middle of the Navajo desert (I’ll be sharing more about this experience in Season 4 of my podcast).

Instead of forcing my emotions to go away, I tap into them to amplify something even more significant than myself.

There’s content for just about every emotion:

  • Sad? Write poetry.
  • Ambitious? Write business blogs for clients (I do content marketing)
  • Happy? Write Instagram posts to share your joy with the world.

Reality creation happens through content creation

When I write, I’m me. I’m not a journalist who needs to follow the rules or an academic who requires big words to impress the Dean.

I’m human.

My writing is driven by my passion as well as my intuition. My creativity is derived from a lifetime of study. And in my journey of where consciousness meets content marketing, I’m starting to reach a point of saturation.

We need a new way to exist in this world.

And my findings indicate that we’re at the edge of this new paradigm where it’s better on an experiential, practical, and scientific level. But the only way to be a content guru is to be you (I write more about this here).

Content creates your reality — but our experiences need to be embodied first and foremost.

We forget our bodies when we are glued to the screen too much. Our body is also constantly communicating to us just like Nature and the Divine. When we are caught in head-centric living we do not “hear” nor feel the messages and guidance within and around us — we are cut off from our intuition. — Bernhard Guenther

(I interview Bernhard in my podcast, The Art of Humanity, here).  

Creating content catapults you into a different vibration. But you actually need to create content to be a reality creator.

The intersection of content and consciousness is relatively new.

In the book, How Real is Real? author Paul Watzlawick argues that we’re often quite alone with our seemingly subjective perception of what’s “real.” I would take his notion one step further and say that our consciousness is only a mere perception — that is until we create content with it!

If content marketing is the tactic, is consciousness is the strategy?

The Internet is evolving our human consciousness. We are the raw material for the next phase in consciousness – and we’re at a saturation point that’s never existed before in history. I believe that we can all make collective choices that influence the future of humanity. We can either be leveraged by corporations or we can consciously optimize our human potential to positively impact humanity.

How do you want to exist?