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Right Brain vs. Left Brain Content Strategy

Right Brain vs. Left Brain Content Strategy

November 9, 2021

Right Brain vs. Left Brain Content Strategy

Let’s face it: You’re either a right-brained or left-brained human. And unless you pro-actively shift how your brain functions, you’ll see the world one way. If you’re more a right-brained human, you’re artistic, creative, and spontaneous. If you’re more of a left-brained human, you’re probably more into logic, critical thinking, and numbers.

But what does this have to do with content strategy? Everything.

If you don’t know how your brain functions, it decides without you. And then this forms the lens with how you interpret the world.

  • The right side of the brain is concerned with Being (feminine). And feminine energy is made up of curves and swirls.
  • The left side of the brain is concerned with doing (masculine).  And masculine energy is made up of straight lines and angles.

There are no straight lines and angles in feminine energy; curves and swirls do not exist in masculine energy.

  • Feminine energy is very energized and fast; it’s expansive, creative, and fluid (like poetry). 
  • Masculine energy is slow and dull; it says ‘straight line’⎯ go from point A to point B to point C and back to point A.

Both types of creative energy are absolutely valuable to have in your Content Strategy for balanced creations.

When you consciously choose how to create content through different energy types, your brand becomes magnetic and marketing your services becomes effortless.

The content that we create (and the Content Strategy that we use in business) is about the essence around the change that we make. 

There’s the softer side of marketing and culture and it’s all about using a hybrid approach (aka the softer side of marketing). 

We can be fluid and expansive (through a poetic aesthetic) yet simultaneously logical (through strategy). 

Content strategy not only includes the creation of content but also the conceptualizing, creation and distribution of your magic. Content comprises more than just the words on a website — it also includes the visual aesthetic and images that are used, which is why every business has its unique Content Strategy. 

Hybrid marketing (both right and left) is what matters

When working in a large or small organization, it’s essential to grasp the advantages of right-brained and left-brained content strategies, as well as how to implement them to appeal to both types of personalities. The natural tendency is to favor one technique over another or considering both simultaneously. It’s up to you and your marketing strategy to determine which option or a mix of options will work best for your business.

Creative content blends both sides of the brain working together to infuse storytelling into your content strategy and marketing.

People enjoy creating works that are vibrant and expressive from time to time. Some may like to focus on the facts; others  create unique content to express themselves and showcase the value proposition of their business. 

But it takes more than simply scheduling social media posts to be effective when it comes to content planning. It boils down to identifying the objectives of your business and then developing content that advances these objectives while reaching your target audience. 

Your audience will have a variety of styles that appeal to them; some love to see original, creative content, while others prefer to read about a product’s advantages and disadvantages before purchasing. Not everyone will resonate with your unique, right-brained content (some may even be repulsed by it!) But it’s ok. 

Do you want to market to the distracted masses or to the focused few? (there’s no wrong answer – it simply depends on the essence of the change you want to make.

Nothing beats simple language. Clearly explaining a topic for left-brain readers has tons of business benefits (and my agency creates this type of content for clients). But don’t forget about the right-brain side of your business brain too – this part of the brain appeals to humans reading your words (not robots scanning for SEO). 

With the right content strategy and creative energy, you can easily appeal to both right and left brain customers, as well as their masculine and feminine energies.

Hybrid marketing (both right and left brain) can create unique thought leadership content (social media, PR, search, etc.) across multiple platforms.

Just a few years ago, these integrated solutions used to require multiple marketing or PR agencies. Today, they can be done with a streamlined approach with one hybrid agency.

Contact us to learn more about the right Content Strategy for your business.